Presenting Queen Cleopatra from Ancient Egypt

It’s Ancient Egyptian Day in Olivia’s class at school today.

Olivia is learning all about ancient Egypt at school this term, and today, they are having a dress up day. Olivia went as Queen Cleopatra herself.

It should have been an assembly for parents and family but, sadly, due to the pandemic that can not take place. Such a shame as both Grandad Al and I would have gone.

She is loving learning about Egyptology. Hearing all about the Pharaohs, the Pyramids and the tombs enclosed with in them.

It is a subject that I love too. So I’m sure when we speak later today we will have lots to talk about.

Queen Cleopatra Ancient Egypt Day Olivia Family Clan

Nanna Jane

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4 Thoughts to “Presenting Queen Cleopatra from Ancient Egypt”

  1. Carly Belsey

    She looks great. I remember my son having the same day at school, straight to Amazon I went, Im not one of these wonderful mums who home make things haha.

  2. ashleigh allan

    Looks great – I loved reading about Egypt as a school project. My kids have never done that as a project!

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    Now you are a beauty queen ! Can see your rule will just the best

  4. Susan B

    Olivia looks stunning! I hope she enjoyed her Ancient Egyptian Day at school.

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