Poundworld bargains haul

Have you been to the Poundworld administration sale yet? You really should there are big bargains to be had!

I managed to have a pop in on Wednesday and 1 hour down and £47 later I was all shopped out!

£47 yes! But I did get some pretty amazing bargains.

I managed to get lots of little bits in for birthdays and Christmas stocking fillers in for the kids:-

Stationary and books are 50% off so I managed to get:-

Activity books scanning at 25p/50p
colouring books scanning at 25p/50p
reward chart stickers 50p
wordsearch books for me for 50p
Unicorn pencils, pens, pencil cases… all half price.

Halloween and Christmas products were all 70% off so I got Grace a Devil horns and fork that scanned as 11p!

Clothing has 70% percent off so I got:-
A good supply of character & school socks for 30p

Toys are now 50% off so I managed to get a few birthday presents and Christmas stocking fillers here too:-

A selection of Hot Wheels character cars now 75p
Unicorn giner puppets 50p
bouncy glitter balls 50p

The shelves were pretty stocked up too!

Food isle are all still at 10% not much of a saving here, but I did pick up a few Airwaves chewing gum, which scanned at 90p per pack of 3, which is a small saving compared to what I would normally pay.

I also picked up 2 animal hot water bottles for £2.50 from £5
Colour in headphones that are available in pink or blue from £4 to £1.20
Unicorn headphones £5 to £1.50

Textiles– I managed to get some great bargains on wool too, lots for Nanna J to get very busy with!

There was 50% off the wool, and they had quite a lot left, so I managed to get a variety for her.
Grace and Jake had great fun making ‘wool angels’

What bargains have you managed to get recently?


Mummy H

7 Thoughts to “Poundworld bargains haul”

  1. ashleigh allan

    We got a few things but seems you got lots of bargains!

  2. Susie Wilkinson

    I meant to pop in yesterday but left it too late, I must make the effort tomorrow before they close!

  3. Rich Tyler

    Can’t beat bargains!

  4. Charlene Merrall

    Ah thats fab, I do love pound shops, such good bargains!

  5. Samantha O'D

    I went last week and picked up some art materials with 30% off, might venture back there today

  6. sarahjane24carter

    I love going on pound land hauls x

  7. Margaret Gallagher

    Bargains galore – cant beat the prices – why pay extra when you can get all you need here

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