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Portable North Pole Video Logan Family Clan

Portable North Pole

Just the place to get a personal message from Santa Claus and his hard working elves to delight your child.

The Portable North pole is the original Santa messaging service that globally has send over 220 million messages since its creation in 2008.

Nothing is more magical for children, big and small, than Christmas and the centre of the magic is Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Pere Noel, what ever you call him it wouldn’t be the same without the main man himself.

Portable North Pole Video 22 Seconds Family Clan

Especially for You

Logan was so amazed that Santa Claus knew his name! He face lit up and had a smile from ear to ear especially when Santa said his name right at the beginning. “How does he know my name”.

Logan listened on through the whole of the video. Santa then mentioned some of his friends names (because you can edit and add your child’s /children’s friends name) “Look Mam. Max and Tyler, I just knew Santa would of known them too.”

Portable North Pole Video Logan Family Clan

Logan thought it was very funny when the elves where on the conveyor belt and they fell into the bag of toys. He was really laughing out loud.

Later in the short video, Santa Claus asked if Logan thought he had been good enough and Logan replied “Yes”… Santa then asks his elves to check. Logan came back as unsure, so he needs to try a little harder next time to see if gets put onto the nice list.

Logan is six and he has absolutely loved this personalised video from Santa. From the shock of Santa actually knowing who he was to knowing his friends and that he has to try to be nicer, over all he was truly amazed.

Portable North Pole Video Family Clan

He’s has always been really good at sitting down with me to go through his reading and any homework that he has but now it is, “Do you think Santa’s elves can see me doing this and working really hard Mam?”

It was such a special moment when I heard him telling Jensen his little brother all about it whilst I was busy in the kitchen. You could hear the wonder and excitement in his voice. I wished I had been able to record it, but my phone was in the front room. I just stood behind the door listening.

Portable North Pole Video

And there is more..

The Portable North Pole website and app, that I used is great it sends personal messages to your child and there is games to play, there is even bedtime stories on there. Plus much more Christmassy things. The Santa’s village area of the site is really good with lots of fun activities to take part in such as Vivia’s Colouring Book, Santa’s Village Cookbook, and one of our favourites Santa’s Secrets, plus so much more.

At present the Portable North Pole only has paid videos available but later in the year free videos will be available. But if you sign up now you will be notified when the they are announced. Great to keep them excited about the most magical time of the year, all year!

Portable North Pole donates 5% of web purchases to children’s hospitals around the world, so you are not only helping your child.

We love Portable North Pole and we hope that you do. It’s a service that keep the magic of Christmas truly alive!

Mummy E and Logan

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8 Thoughts to “Portable North Pole – Personal Message from Santa”

  1. ashleigh allan

    I love portable north pole – it is so magical

  2. fionajk42

    This sounds like a lovely idea for younger kids who still believe in Father Christmas / Santa Claus.

  3. Anthea Holloway

    I love this. It is such a good idea and fantastic for the children.

  4. Jayne Townson

    What a lovely idea, I think any young child would find this magical.

  5. Susan B

    What a lovely idea. Our youngest would love it.

  6. Naila M

    This looks amazing 🙂

  7. Alice Colling

    This looks lovely. My daughter is a true believer anyway but this would be magical.

  8. Margaret Gallagher

    A magical way to celebrate Christmas – my nephew has been reliably informed SANTA is real – he’s questioning this !
    Perfect way to believe

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