Pointless – The Mini Game!

The popular BBC1 TV quiz show Pointless has a new mini game by University Games. The popular show, hosted by Alexander Armstrong, where the most obscure right answer, is the best answer!

I do like watching Pointless when I get control of the TV instead of the kids pinching it for CBeebies and I enjoy trying to test my knowledge.

This small compact sized game would be perfect for a travel game so you can play anywhere, especially if you are travelling on long journeys.

Pointless The Mini Game

Object of the game

The object of the game is to be the player or team with the LEAST number of points by the end of the six rounds. Players or teams select one answer to each question.

Setting up

To begin each player or team is issued with an Answer & Score sheet. This booklet of sheets are double sided allowing plenty of games to be played.

Pointless The Mini Game

Next you need to choose who will be your Question Master, the Question Master also plays the game.

You keep the question cards covered up inside the question card holder to prevent prying eyes getting an advantage. The card holder holds all the question cards within.

Playing Pointless The Mini Game

The Question Master starts with the top card from the question holder and reads out the category, topic and question. They can then lay the whole question card holder flat for others to read the question for themselves if they wish.

The 5 answers provided for each question are either in anagram form, have missing letters or words, give only initials, or are clues. Players MUST choose one of the 5 on the first (upper) set, and give their answer.

Commencing with the youngest player and then moving to the left, each player or team in turn writes their selected answer on their Answer & Score sheet and lays it down in the front of them telling the others what he or she has written. Players CAN select an answer already given by a previous player if they believe that the answer to be incorrect.

Once all players have written their selected answers from the 5 visible choices, the Question Master lifts the question card to reveal bottom half of the card showing the 5 correct answers and their points value. Players then make their scores on the score sheets. If a player answer is incorrect and does not match the answer then that player or team will score 100 points.

The player scoring the fewest number of points in the first round, starts the second round.

Play continues until the end of the 6th round, the cards are all double sided leaving you with 120 questions.

Pointless The Mini Game

You can only see the question in the card holder, allowing none of the answers being visible until removed, tried and tested, definitely no way of seeing!

Winning the game

After all the players have been scored on the sixth round, every player adds up their total, and the player with the lowest overall score is announced as the Pointless champion, if the score is a tie, players can choose to share the accolade or enter into sudden death round. This will consist of one question and the player giving the correct answer, with the lowest points is deemed the overall Pointless champion.

Our thoughts

Me and Daddy J have really enjoyed playing Pointless The Mini Game in this lovely sunny weather we’ve had in the garden whilst Jake & Grace have been playing. The game is challenging and tests your general knowledge and many other aspects of the world we live in and fair to say, he won me as I got a few wrong.

Pointless The Mini Game by University Games is available to purchase from Amazon and is suitable for ages 12+ and can be played by 2-5 players or in teams.

I think the game would benefit a pencil included, as it is a travel game you may buy this before you go away and once open realise you have nothing to write with, other than that recommended additional feature, this game is brilliant and we have had great fun.

Mummy H

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3 Thoughts to “Pointless – The Mini Game!”

  1. Michelle Smith

    I like to play connect 4 when I’m travelling

  2. A S,Edinburgh

    Ingenious. Thanks for the helpful review; I’m glad you had fun with it!

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    Id love this – great fun for all the family – im not always great at getting the answers!

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