PLAYMOBIL Alternative to Easter Eggs

The PLAYMOBIL Easter Egg

Have an Egg-cellent Easter with PLAYMOBIL

Easter time often means lots of chocolate, however, chocolate isn’t always for everyone and PLAYMOBIL is providing children with a fun and sugar-free alternative: The PLAYMOBIL Easter Egg.

There are four colourful Easter eggs to choose from, each with a different PLAYMOBIL surprise inside! With something to suit every child’s interest, PLAYMOBIL Easter eggs are the perfect gift, with toys that can be played with all year round.

Let’s get opening our Playmobile Eggs

The yellow egg features 9415 Pirate with Cannon. Help the pirate take care of his buried treasure by protecting his private island with the functioning cannon from those who come too close.

Jake loved that the canon had weapons to shoot, he assembled the parts by following the photo shown on the box. In no time he was set up and playing.

The pink egg contains 9417 Fortune Teller. Use her tarot cards and crystal ball to predict the future of those who seek answers. She even has a black cat to help her out.

Grace is 5 and really enjoyed this egg, it was her first choice to open, she managed to assemble all the pieces by herself and just loved her new Fortune Teller set.

Inside the green Easter egg, 9418 Zookeeper with Seal Pups are preparing for a fun day at the zoo. Use the bottle of milk and fish to feed the baby seals so they have lots of energy to swim and play in the water.

This was super cute as it reminded us all of our visit to Le Palmyre Zoo in France 2 years ago where we watched a sea lion show. Grace still remembered this being only 3, and she started her own little sea lion show with these seals.

Travel through galaxies and solar systems with 9416 Space Agent with Robot, which is included in the blue egg. Explore different planets with help from the trusty sidekick!

Suitable for children aged 4+, the PLAYMOBIL Easter Eggs can be purchased online or from all good toy retailers from March. For more information please visit:

RRP £4.99 each

They make a great alternative to chocolate Easter eggs and are priced very reasonably. I think I will be purchasing more of these for gifts this Easter.

Mummy H, Jake & Grace

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9 Thoughts to “PLAYMOBIL Alternative to Easter Eggs”

  1. Chloe Taylor

    Fantastic and great easter fun – nice to see different concepts of the traditional easter egg. I guess the toys will last much longer than the chocolate does too!

  2. Sandy Ralph

    these are a brilliant idea

  3. debbieskerten

    Great idea for next Easter.

  4. A S,Edinburgh

    These are so cute, I love the zookeeper!

  5. Jan R

    Looks a great gift

  6. Susie Wilkinson

    A much better idea than chocolate eggs, something to show for it the following week, and a similar price too!

  7. kayleigh watkins

    They look very good, especially at £4.99 my nieces are lactose intolerant, my 6 year old niece would love one, her sister is on 1 so I will be getting her a teddy tomorrow, I havent got any eggs/gifts yet so going to face the manic tomorrow to get them xx

    1. Mummy H

      Good luck! I did see a Facebook post saying these were down to £2.50 in someone’s local Asda. might not be national, but worth a look for your niece! Harriet x

  8. Margaret Gallagher

    Haven’t bought Easter eggs for years – much prefer these beauties

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