Pic’n Mix Toy Review & Giveaway

Pic’n Mix Toy Review & Giveaway

We have been sent a product from Pic’n Mix to review. They have a wide range of different learning games in their collection, this one is Happy Farm and it is suitable for age 3+.

Pic'nMic Happy Farm Family Clan Blog

The Happy Farm Pic’n Mix is a fun way of learning to explore different animals and their habitats.
The contents include 8 game scenes and 3 smart stickers per card.
The backdrop for each card is an animal setting with silhouettes for guidance. This game helps children identify the animal and the tracks they leave. There is another item that is associated with the animal, i.e. Cat card – yarn – cat foot print, Dog – dog bowl  – dog foot print etc.

Pic'nMix Happy Farm Game Family Clan Blog

This uses Fine Motor Skills and is very educational in a child’s development for their creativity and imagination.
We love that they are smart stickers, which means they are re-usable over and over again and they are also water resistant, which is especially relevant in our house, as things are always being accidentally spilled!

Pic'nMix Happy Farm Game Family Clan Blog

Happy Farm is an interactive and engaging toy. It will help build hand eye coordination interaction and social skills among other things. This game made learning fun.
It comes in its own hard white compact box, with a handle is great for carrying the game around and for when they have finished playing, making sure everything is put back away and no losing any pieces!

What Jake and Grace Thought

Jake says ‘It’s super good’ which is always a bonus and Grace loves playing it.

They also have Our House, People at Work, Funny Faces & Little Fashionista.  These games would make excellent Birthday and Christmas presents for your little ones, nieces, nephews and grand children.

You can find them all on Amazon.

Mummy H


Pic'nMix Little Fashionista Game Family Clan Blog

The lovely people at Pic’n Mix have kindly given us Little Fashionista for a giveaway prize.

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We was sent this game free of charge. Our opinions are in no way swayed by this. All our reviews are our honest thoughts & feelings.

129 Thoughts to “Pic’n Mix Toy Review & Giveaway”

  1. Eve Ogden

    Mouse trap all the way

  2. Lisa Mauchline

    My little girls favourite is playing Pairs at the moment

  3. jacquie godsell

    Snakes and ladders a firm family fun favourite

  4. Karl Borowy

    ludo or snakes and ladders are our favs

  5. christine nicholson

    Mouse trap, We think it is lots of fun

  6. ipswichmum

    My two like What’s Up – the headband game. It’s the one we play when their friends come around and they all seem to enjoy it too!

  7. natalee gosiewski

    doggy doo

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