Photography printing with Epson XP-900

Epson is a brand that we have used for more than 15 years and is the only company that we turn to for printers. With great quality printing every time and easy to use printers, they suit us perfectly and we look to no other brand when we look for a new upgrade which we do about every four years and currently have an XP-247.
The Epson XP-900 is such an excellent choice if you are on the look out for printing photographs from home for the best quality and it would make an ideal gift this Father’s Day for Dads who are enthusiastic about photography and are looking to produce superior-quality, long-lasting photographs from home. Whether Dad uses a smartphone or tablet, the iPrint app2 can be downloaded to a range of devices for truly wireless printing and scanning.
The product was delivered safely and securely within its own box secured by fitted polystyrene to make sure the printer arrived perfectly.
Once I took the printer from the box, the first look of the Epson XP-900 I was instantly delighted at the high quality and sleek appearance of the printer. It features a large LCD screen which is 6.8cm and easy to use features.
I followed the instructions on how to set up the printer by following a web link as instructed on my information sheet. This asked me to choose my model of printer which I did, and it then explained to me step by step instructions on how to set my printer up.
Epson XP-900 review by Family Clan
Simply plug in, and turn on. Next I inserted the ink cartridges that come supplied which was quite a simple process for me to do, and the diagram and instructions clearly showing me how to insert them correctly, I then awaited for seven minutes for the ink charging to take place.
Epson XP-900 review by Family Clan
Next I checked the printer heads to make sure they are accurate, this process was by printing a few sheets.
We are now ready to use the printer. You can connect the Epson XP-900 directly to your computer, or also use it wireless.
I have my main printer already connected and set up, so I have placed this Epson XP-900 wirelessly and connected it by using Wi-fi from my desktop computer which allows me to print from my desktop computer to the Epson XP-900. Which is great that it can connect from anywhere.
The main features of the Epson XP-900 include:
*   Compact, premium all-in-one: Print in sizes up to A3, scan and copy up to A4
*   Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct: Wireless printing with or without a network
*   Mobile printing: Freedom to print and scan from almost anywhere
*   6.8cm LCD screen: Scan, copy and print photos directly from a memory card
*   Convenient: Duplex & CD/DVD printing
There are a lot more features to the printer, but these are just the main ones. This printer does so much more such as red eye removal, Photo Enhance, Direct print from USB, Wireless PictBridge.
I have downloaded the Epson iPrint app from the Playstore which was free which now gives me a wider range of options of what I can do next.
Epson XP-900 review by Family Clan
I can choose from all these options of what I can do, I selected ‘Photos’, which opens the photos I have stored on my phone. You can use this option to select a photo to print, then you are shown the next screen allowing you to choose all the options needed for you from choice of paper, size, layout, colour and  much to make specifically right for your needs allowing you to print easily in the comfort of your home.
Don’t have a smart phone? Don’t worry, this printer is just like many others, you can choose to print from your computer, or simply just add your memory card into the printer and select your choice of photos to print from their also by using the LCD screen on the printer to choose.
The super handy option on the iPrint app which I think is amazing, is it digitally shows you your ink levels which is really good to know the accuracy.Epson XP-900 review by Family Clan

The printer measures approximately 48cm‎ x 35.5cm x 15cm (Width x Depth x Height) so it is a great size for what you need but not to big!

The printing process on this Epson XP-900 allows you to insert up to A4 into the paper cassette inside. Once you have filled with your paper, simply push the tray back in, and pull out the tray above which is where your photo will come out. All very compact and ideal!
Epson XP-900 review by Family Clan

Putting the Epson XP-900 printer to the test

I couldn’t wait to put this Espon-XP-900 to the test. I for one am always taking photographs daily of my children on my phone, but although I take these pictures I fear that one day all these pictures would be lost and I will just have memories. So for a while now I have been thinking of what I could do to keep the memories alive and wanting to print and save these pictures to keep as right at this moment I have nothing like that for me and my children to look back on so having this photo printer is just what I needed to start that process.

I purchased Premium Glossy Paper to help get me started for perfect hand held sizes I picked up 6×4 to start me off. I couldn’t believe how simple it was for me to do to print from my phone instantly.

I inserted my 6×4 paper into the printer and adjusted edges of the paper cassette to secure it into the right position. As you can see on the tray there is sizes for all papers to adjust for what you need.

Pushed the tray back in and pulled out the output tray. Selected the photos from my phone that I wanted to print, at first I did this one at a time. Within a second or two the printer is printing out my photos. The photos come out as clear as they are displayed on my phone.

I have printed a selection of holiday snaps I took in France last year, and so happy we can now keep these to hand.

My Thoughts

I would highly recommend Epson as a brand to anyone looking to find a printer to last! I would definitely recommend the Epson XP-900 if you are especially looking for a printer for photos to do from home.
The Epson XP-900 comes with all the ink needed for you to set up and start straight away. If you need more cartridges the single ink colored packs are available from £10.99 and print up to 300 pages each or you can also buy the XL cartridges from £17.99 which print 650 pages or the bundle of all replacement colors are available too.

We are all guilty of taking lots of pictures of our children, pets… but how many do you actually print out? Like me I’m guessing not a lot, but with the Epson XP-900 I know I’m going to print a lot of high quality photographs to not only put in frames around the house, but also send to other family members. Nanna Doll loves us sending her photographs of the children as she is not connected to any technology, I have already selected some to print and post over to her when I get some more paper.

Up to now I have printed 25 photos and the ink levels are still really high which is great that it will stand the test of time.

Mummy H

3 Thoughts to “Photography printing with Epson XP-900”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    These are great – i have one too – love the fact it’s so easy to use ( I’m a tech phobia!)

  2. david

    just bought the xp 900 don’t think its a patch the xp 760.

  3. Rosie

    This does sound like a nice color printer. I have tons of photo paper, I used to have access to a nice color printer. I miss having that, and I don’t recall the make of the printer I used, but if you want color pictures, you want them to come out nice. It does make a difference what you use for paper, too, as to the end quality.

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