Perfect Summer Crochet Sandals for Lilley Belle

Summer Crochet Sandals for 3-6 Months Family Clan

Perfect Summer Crochet Sandals for Lilley Belle

Mummy C and Daddy G along with Arron and Lilley Belle are going on holiday, so I thought I’d have a go at making some little sandals for Lilley Belle.

Her foot measure 3 ¾ inches or 9.5 cm at the moment and she is already 5 months old, it really doesn’t seem two minutes since she was born back in March. She so gorgeous though and with them living out on the rock in the Irish Sea (Isle of Man), we don’t get to see each other very often, but we get sent lots of photos about what Arron and Lilley Belle have been up to which we love.

Any how back to the sandals! I decided crocheting them would be easier than knitting as I find it hard on my fingers knitting tiny items.

I’ve also made her a pair of Ugg inspired Boots that you can see here.

What I Did

I made four soles and doubled up on each foot. This gave a bit of substance to the sole sandal and also a little comfort under foot too. I think you could even add some holofibre if you wanted them really lush, but as Lilley Belle isn’t on her feet yet I missed this option.

Summer Crochet Sandals for 3-6 Months Family Clan

I used plain white double knit wool for the soles as I only had a small amount of the DK white sparkly wool left and I was scared I’d run out before I’d finish – of course I had plenty left, but better safe than sorry.

To fasten the two soles together with a slip stitched all the way around.  Then I added the front bar, it was made up of  one single crochets row of five stitches, then five rows double crochets (DC)with a row of SC to finish. I joined on the inside of the bar so the seam cannot be seen.

For the back I counted 20 stitches and SC for seven rows starting on opposite sides for the left and right shoe. I left a stitch marker in the shoes so I knew which one was which, came in very handy as I had to put them down for a day and I would have never remembered!

Once I’d completed the seventh I chained 20 and DC in the fourth chain from the hook and in each chain back to the shoe then SC the eighth row, to finish the sandal. Sewed in all my ends the securely added a little pink fabric flower to the front and a little white button for the fastener, which fit between the DC stitches on the strap.

My Thoughts

I’ve made 100’s of baby bootees but never really made shoes/sandals before so I am really chuffed at the way they came out.

What is on your hooks or needles at the moment, please let me know.

Nanna Jane

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9 Thoughts to “Perfect Summer Crochet Sandals for Lilley Belle”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Time for me to get busy – these are adorable – not LONG til my GREAT neice arrives

  2. Rosie

    These are so darn cute! I love them and it was a nice idea!

  3. madrasa1

    These are adorable and I’m sure she loved them! Great job! 🙂

  4. Amanda Jayne Davis

    How cute wish I could do this

  5. Tracy Higgs

    They are so cute, wish I could get the hang of crochet.

  6. Sidrah Ahmed

    They look amazing I would love to make something like this

  7. Sian Buckingham

    Aww, they’re lovely! Would have loved some like that for my daughter when she was smaller!

  8. Susie Wilkinson

    What a fantastic idea! I’ve never thought about anything apart from bootees too!

  9. fairymansion

    Well done. They are gorgeous ?

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