Peppa Pigs Family Home Review

Peppa's Peppa Pig Family Home Review Family Clan

Peppa’s Family Home

We have received Peppa Pig’s Family Home to review from Character Options. Grace absolutely loves Peppa Pig and has many Peppa toys, that we have collected over the last couple of years. She loves to make a ‘Peppa Pig kingdom/town using all of them, she also loves watching Peppa Pig on TV and would sit there all day and watch it if she could!

Peppa's Peppa Pig Family Home Review Family ClanWe had not even had the Family Home out the box and she couldn’t keep her little fingers off testing it out already!

Peppa Pig’s Family Home playset is packed full of furniture accessories and includes an articulated Peppa Pig figure too! There’s lots of rooms for Peppa to play in including a kitchen, living room, Peppa and George’s bedroom, bathroom, mummy pig’s study and attic room. This lovely playset is just like the iconic home in the show and will give children hours of imaginative fun!


The new Peppa Pig’s Family home is a 14 piece play set, the house is an open plan look and has an opening front door with windows on one side, on the other side we have the full open plan house where your child will be able to sit and play for hours with their imagination playing inside Peppa Pig’s house!

When you first buy the house there are cardboard cut outs in place where the characters would be placed, additional articulated characters can be bought separately.

Lets have a little look inside Peppa Pig’s Family Home

Peppa's Peppa Pig Family Home Review Family Clan

As you can see here we have Mummy Pigs study at the top of the house where she is sitting in front of her computer desk hard at work. The table has a computer situated on top looking very realistic to the one on the TV episodes. I sat watching Grace play and she was saying ‘Come on Peppa, lets go and play Happy Mrs Chicken’, which is one one of the games Peppa and George like to play on Mummy Pig’s computer.

Next we have Peppa and George’s bedroom. Which has the bunk bed they share and also the toy box. I really like the quality of the bunk bed as previous versions the ladders on the bunk bed had broken off. In this new family home they are fully secured to the bed which will make sure they won’t break.

Then there is the kitchen, secured at the back of the room there is the cooker, washer and fridge freezer. In the center is the kitchen table with 4 chairs which I love, as when you are finished playing the legs of the table fit through the hole in the seat of the chair to secure all the pieces to stay together. I love this as I am always finding bits of Peppa’s furniture everywhere so now they can be secured all together I wont be finding the bits days later!

Peppa's Peppa Pig Family Home Review Family Clan

As you can see just outside the kitchen on the floor there is a little blue bit poking out, this part allows you to connect other Peppa Pig play sets to the family home, such as the garden swing and slide play sets which are available to purchase separately.

On the other side of the house we have the attic room with mirror, where Peppa is able to see herself in this mirror. Also in the attic room is George’s tricycle which he will be able to sit on as there is a little bump in the seat to secure his character on.
Next we have the bathroom, because Peppa loves bath time! This comes with a good sized bath tub for the characters to fit in with shower and at the back of the room is the toilet and sink which are displayed on the backdrop.
Last of all we have the living room, with a single chair and the TV showing Mr Potato.

The playset is true to the Peppa Pig TV show and all the rooms are decorated alike and with the accessories included this will help children’s imaginations as they play.

Our Thoughts

We absolutely love this house and as we do own quite a few Peppa play sets I must add this one seems to be a brilliant quality and sturdier than the rest.

Peppa's Peppa Pig Family Home Review Family Clan

The box was packaged well and arrived in perfect order. I took the house out of the cardboard box which was secured underneath simply twist the yellow plastic which would loosen the house underneath. Once I got the house out I removed the plastic and cable ties which were securing the furniture into place. Then Grace was set to play, and boy did she play! She sat there for over an hour playing with Peppa’s Family Home.

I love that this new Peppa Pig’s Family Home seems a bit more sturdier than some of the other Peppa Pig toys we have had in the past. Sometimes bits just seem to break away due to constant play, but this seems to be a stronger built house and a more thought up design.
Suitable for ages 3+ and can be purchased on Character Options page.

Mummy H and Grace

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10 Thoughts to “Peppa Pigs Family Home Review”

  1. Jeanette Leighton

    My daughter Sheriah 5 is a big peppa fan I have the campervan and playmat with George in a car , soft beanies but I don’t have this looks great my daughter Sheriah 5 would no doubt love it maybe a Christmas present ?

  2. Justina Howells

    Freya adores Peppa and this playset would be a perfect Christmas gift for her. Thanks for such a great review!

  3. Bev

    I think this is one for the wish list!

  4. Susie Wilkinson

    My step-granddaughter would absolutely love this, it’s her 3rd birthday coming up soon, so thanks for the idea!

  5. Ashleigh Allan

    Very cute and lots to keep little ones busy

  6. Bev

    Looks a really imaginative toy!

  7. Kayleigh Watkins

    This looks like lots of fun, my megan loves peppa so she would love to play with this xxx

  8. Rich Tyler

    My little 1 loves peppa pig, esp daddy!

  9. Margaret gallagher

    Ooh a BEAUTY
    My nephew would love this
    Possibly Santa might bring it

  10. Jo Carroll

    Glad they have seemed to pick up on the fact that the previous toys weren’t as sturdy…I guess building a ‘Little Piggy’s House’ meant they didn’t resort to the usual straw, wood or poor quality plastic? 😉 x

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