Penguin Pile-up Game by Ravensburger

Ravensburger Penguin Pile-Up

There is so much ado in the penguin colony. The iceberg shakes with all the commotion. All the penguins want a place on the iceberg, but only those who can keep their balance can avoid the icy water!

Penguin Pile-up by Ravensburger Family Clan

Contents of box:-

Game base
Iceberg with flag
20 penguin figures
Cardboard ring

Before we started the game we needed to assemble all the penguins by adding the penguins’ front, back and wings.

Penguin Pile-up by Ravensburger Family Clan

This was really easy to do, repeating the process for all 20 penguins. There is also a cardboard ring that you can place under the iceberg, this will reduce the wobbling, so if you have younger player this would be a suitable option, and simply remove the ring for trickier game play.

How to play Penguin Pile-Up?

Steady hands and careful planning are needed to balance all your penguins on the slippery iceberg. Take it in turns with the youngest playing first, so Grace went first she needed to pick up a penguin from her pile and carefully place it on the iceberg … will the penguin stand firm, wobble or tumble down?

Be careful though, because any penguins that are knocked down, you’ll have to pick up and keep in your own pile and play continues to the next person.

Penguin Pile-up by Ravensburger Family Clan

As the number of penguins on the iceberg grows, it becomes harder to find a good spot to place the existing penguins. The first player to carefully have all their penguins balanced is crowned the winner.

Penguin Pile-up by Ravensburger Family Clan

Our Thoughts

Penguin pile up is a great fun game for children and even adults will enjoy it too! When you think you have nearly won, a quick fall could knock a few penguins falling and the whole game will change.

Grace and Jake have equally enjoyed this game, it makes as great game to play after school now the colder days are here.

Penguin Pile-Up is suited for ages 4 and over 99 and best played with 1-5 players and is available from Amazon.

Mummy H, Grace and Jake

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8 Thoughts to “Penguin Pile-up Game by Ravensburger”

  1. Rosemary Tily

    This looks to be a game that all ages can have a go even if Granny needs a bit of help from the youngest! . It will encourage some fun time away from screens too!

  2. Sharon Freemantle

    This looks a great game. This is something that Layla-Mai could play with her cousin and grandad

  3. A S,Edinburgh

    It is very appropriate for the time of year! It looks fun.

  4. Katrina Adams

    My Goddaughter loves playing games so it would be lovely to add something like this to our collection as it’s something we can all play when she is round or we go there!

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    We haven’t got this game – will be fun come the cooler nights
    Great review thanks

  6. ashleigh allan

    We used to have this game – lots of fun!

  7. Susan B

    What fun! I like easy games that the whole family can play.

  8. Samantha O'D

    This looks fun, my daughter has an obsession with penguins

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