Park Time

Park Time

We had an hour to kill this afternoon, before Logan & Grace were due to sleep, so we decided to go to the local play park. Brought Conar along too before he leaves for work.

Family Clan Blog Park Time 1

Jake loves the spinning round witches hat.

Family Clan Blog Park Time 9

Graces favourite is the slide.

Giggling her head off when she flies down the slide & pops off the end.

Family Clan Blog Park Time 2

Logan’s favourite is the climbing frame because he’s a little monkey.

Family Clan Blog Park Time 5

The children have had a good time, Grace & Logan tired themselves out, they were flat out 10 minutes after getting home! Time well spent having fun.

Mummy H

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2 Thoughts to “Park Time”

  1. martinaevansdesigns

    I love taking my kids to the park. They have so much fun and I can relax 🙂 Thanks for the post – You have a wonderful family!

  2. Maya Russell

    My children love the park. Shame ours is a five minute drive away.

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