Panda Drinks Review

I received these drinks from Panda & decided to let my 4 year old, Jake, try them before he went to his afternoon nursery. I let him choose which drink he would like to try first; he selected the Raspberry Still Juice Drink.

He said it tastes like strawberry!  .  I’m very proud that he recognised the flavour I think this maybe because we grew strawberries in the summer & they do have a similar tastes to a 4 year old.

He quickly drank leaving me just a little bit in the bottom to try!  I think we can say he really enjoyed it.

Family Clan Blog Jake-Panda-1-300x225

I felt quite happy letting him try this juice first as with it very clearly stating ‘no added sugar’ which as a mother, is very important to me to make sure I give him drinks that are good for him as I am not keen at all on giving him a sugary intake into his diet.

They are a really refreshing drink for my children; even my 1 year old liked it! She definitely loves playing with the bottle too. For quite a time she attached to the lid playing

Its also another assuring issue for us parents is that there are no artificial colours or flavours into these products, all natural fruit flavours which is great for young children that are growing & adults alike.

Family Clan Blog Jake-Panda-2-e1412506867293-150x150 The bottles are a nice handy size to fit in baby bag; they are a nice size for little hands too. There isn’t too much so I don’t get the ‘Mam I need a wee’ every 2 minutes, when we are out & about.

Panda drinks are very thirst quenching & full of natural goodness, that will help Jake be hydrated for his next adventure.

Jake placed the other drinks in the fridge, so he could have a nice cool drink after playing outside; he’s growing up way to fast!

Family Clan Blog Panda-Drinks-1-e1412506622665

The other flavours we received are blackcurrant still juice drink, blackcurrant still flavoured water & Orange and pineapple still flavoured water. These drinks are around £1.99 for 6, which I think is a great price compared to other brands.

What do you think would be your favourite?

We were sent these drinks for the purposes of this review but all words & opinions are my own.

Mummy H



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5 Thoughts to “Panda Drinks Review”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    I’ve tried these recently and they are fab

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Not heard of these time to give them a go

  3. Martina Evans

    Great brand and product for a reasonable price. My kids like to have packed lunch. So this would be nice for them to have. I like for them to have fruit juice as they don’t prefer the free water at their school.

  4. Fern Blackmore

    they do sound gorgeous! and a brand which has really stood the test of time! i used to bulk buy the fizzy padna bottles and sell them in school when i was younger! haha.

  5. Anna

    These sound good, particularly the flavoured water. Panda Pops were THE most highly coloured drionks when I was little! Good to see them doing something more natural.

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