Ozeri WeightMaster II Precision Scales

Ozeri WeightMaster Precision Scales

Ozeri Bathroom scales review by Family Clan 2

These digital bathroom scales are very sleek and stylish, fitting perfectly with my bathroom theme.

I love how they are slim and not really bulky like my old set of scales fitting right in trend.

The scales show your BMI with Weight Differential Detection. When you stand on them to get weighed they light up and display your BMI (Body Mass Index), current weight, and your net weight change since your last weigh-in. As they are so highly accurate, I use these all the time.

I am currently on a diet, so having the numbers go down is great achievement. When you have lost weight the lights will display green, where if you gain, the light goes red. That gives you a kick up the backside that’s for sure!

The bathroom scales can weigh up to 200kg/31 stone. They also have auto-recognition technology for 8 unique users anytime which is perfect for me and my husband, and my son loves to have his turn too.

The scales power off by itself approximately 10 seconds after your weigh in saving the battery. Featuring a slip-resistant grooved ABS exterior with a tempered glass interior, and non-slip scratch-resistant feet.

Ozeri Bathroom scales review by Family Clan 2

If you are really into knowing your weight there is also a great feature of  “Accurate Weight Tracking” with 30 Day Memory, which is done by measuring your weight once a day. This empowers you to instantly see how your current weight changes from the previous day (e.g. -0.3 kg), the average of the last 3 days (e.g. -0.8 kg), the previous week (e.g. -1.1 kg), and the previous 30 days (e.g. -2.4 kg), all displayed on an intelligent LCD with color alert technology.

But if this is not what you want, then don’t worry they are a perfect set of scales, I love to use mine every Monday.

Although you can change your preferred unit, it has KG or lbs it just doesn’t have Stone. Which is very unfortunate as this is what I tend to weigh myself in. uBt a quick type in the internet to convert this solves the problem.

These scales are fantastic, I can’t recommend them enough. Available on Amazon.

Mummy E

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7 Thoughts to “Ozeri WeightMaster II Precision Scales”

  1. Charles Fletcher

    We need a new pair of scales.

  2. A S,Edinburgh

    They sound great; really handy features, and they look very elegant, too!

  3. debbieskerten

    My scales need replacing soon and I’m looking for some I can trust. These look amazing.

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Have a few items from this range – these look fab too – never owned weighting scales

  5. Susie Wilkinson

    We’ve had digital scales a home for years, but these sound great with additional BMI indicator

  6. kayleigh watkins

    They sound great, although I dont have weighing scales at home as im very conscious of my weight and eat very little as it is xx

  7. Susan B

    The look fab and sound very useful but I also weigh myself in stones.

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