Ozeri Kitchen Scales, Wine Opener and more.

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Ozeri Kitchen Scales, Wine Opener and more.

Ozeri have sent us three new products to review, we love Ozeri products as they are great quality and looks very stylish.

Ozeri Pro Digital Kitchen Scales

Ozeri Kitchen Scales Review by Family Clan

Firstly I would like to start with the kitchen scales. I use my kitchen scales every day as I am always  weighing out my ingredients as I am following the Slimming World healthy eating diet and up to date have lost just over 2 ½ stone.

The Ozeri Pro Digital kitchen scales are absolutely amazing the black and silver ties in perfectly to my kitchen colour scheme, they are black with silver buttons, and over sized weighing mirrored platform finished in chrome. You can choose to weigh your items by choosing your unit of measurement, and this can be changed if needed. You have a choice of ounces, grams, pounds and kilograms, great idea as lots of recipe books weigh in different measurements, so no more converting, just press the unit button!

The scales can weigh up to 12lbs! They also have a precision Tare button, simply place your bowl on you are wanting to weigh your ingredients in, then press this button and it will set it back to 0, allowing you to weigh your ingredients accurately.

The large screen features a bright LCD screen with wide viewing angle, which is perfect for an on the go cook!

The scales also have a 3 minute automatic power-off which will help save the battery life, but there is also an ‘on/off’ button allowing you to do this yourself. I like that they stay on for 3 minutes, as my old kitchen scales would turn off in about 30 seconds which left me hurrying to add the ingredients that I needed, before they turned off and I always disliked that, so now I’m really glad I found these kitchen scales

The Ozeri Pro Digital Kitchen Scales require 2 AAA batteries, which are included!

I can’t find a fault with these, they are excellent quality scales which will last me years I’m sure.

I am surprised to find that the price is currently only £9.99 on Amazon, I paid similar price for my older scales which were no where near as good as the Ozeri scales. I would highly recommend them if you are searching for a new set. They also come in different colours if black isn’t your thing. They come in silver, teal blue, lime green and also white.

Ozeri Fascina Electric Wine Opener

Ozeri Fascina Wine Opener Kitchen Scales by Family ClanNext is the Ozeri Fascina Electric Wine Opener with built-in Foil Cutter.

This electric wine opener is capable of opening up to 60 bottles on a single set of batteries, the Fascina requires no more effort than pushing a button for cork removal.

Impress and entertain while opening your next bottle of wine, with the Ozeri Fascina Electric Wine Opener.

It is so simple to use

Step 1
Use the included foil cutter to remove the wine bottle seat

Step 2
Push the ‘down’ button to activate cork removal.

Step 3
Simply press the ‘up’ button to release the cork

As simple as that, it really does just automatically remove and ejects the cork!

The Ozeri Fascina electric wine opener requires 6 x AAA batteries which are also included. This would be perfect to keep at home, or even at restaurant/bar to keep your customers happy, as I’m sure you will get a few queries because of how good it is!

The wine opener is very sleek and stylish arrived in silver/black design, coming it its very own box, upon taking it out, it is surrounded in plastic wrapping, and sits secured in its own cardboard insert.

Along side the wine opener also comes with 1-year Limited Warranty, the instructions which are included in the box have very clear detailed instructions with step by step guide showing you how to operate the wine opener.

The Ozeri Fascina electric wine opener would make an ideal gift at a great price, currently on Amazon for a great affordable price £12.95. There are also a variety of other colours available for you to purchase if silver and black isn’t your colour. You can see them on Amazon.

Ozeri – Artesio Electric Grinder Set

Ozeri electric salt and pepper grinder review Kitchen Scales by family clanLast but not least is the Ozeri – Artesio Electric Grinder Set which comes as a set of 2.

The Ozeri Artesio Electric Salt and Pepper Grinders combine adjustable ceramic grinding mechanisms with electric motors for push-button effortless dispensing of salt and pepper. The Ozeri Artesio Electric Salt and Pepper Grinders each boast an ultra-soft non-slip grip, BPA-free material, and a built-in light for low-lit dining ambiances.

I am always using my salt and pepper daily when cooking meals, the clear compartment at the bottom you can see in the picture is where you insert your salt and pepper, all though a small compartment compared to the whole unit, you can see the levels for when they need refilling and they do look very nice.

They are a great size for me to use, and look lovely on my kitchen side and don’t look out of place when we set the dining table.

Each grinder requires 4 x AA batteries each. You simple twist the handle of the grinder off, which then reveals the place for you to insert them, the compartment firmly locks back into place when you are done.

They measure approximately 6.1 cm x 12.2 cm x 21.6 cm.

You can also adjust the grain, which you do under the bottom by twisting the knob, adjusting as you go and testing, so you can see which release is better for you. Very safe, and easy to do. You can see these on Amazon.

We have previously reviewed Ozeri Hand Made Glasses and more Salt and Pepper Grinders and Ozeri 3D Pedomerer and a Baby Bath Turtlemeter they have once again have lived up to expectations. Excellent products, affordable prices, ideal for gifts too or just for yourself.

Any of these items we have reviewed would make an excellent present.

Mummy H

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  1. Emma Walton

    Great review, I need a new set of kitchen scales.

  2. Naila M

    I like the OZERI grinder set, this would definitely make a nice present for someone 🙂

  3. Sidrah Ahmed

    Lovely items

  4. Ashleigh Allan

    Looks great especially the wine bottle opener . Thanks

  5. Kayleigh Watkins

    I would love the kitchen scales, I’m not very good at converting measurements on my analogue scales, I often use google xXx

  6. Helen Thurston

    The scales look really smart – and not too expensive either.

  7. Margaret Gallagher

    Never had anything from this brand
    I’ll keep an eye out

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