Ozeri Kandle Flexi Book & Kindle Reading Light

Ozeri Kandle Flex Book Light

The Kandle Flex is just a perfect book light, yes it can be used on a Kindle / eReaders but I do love just sitting with a good old book and reading.

If I’m honest, it’s been a while since I have read a book. The only time I get to read a book is in the evening, and by this time it is far to dark and I don’t want to but the ‘big light’ on, just for me to read.

Now since I ordered my self this LED reading light I have really enjoyed reading so much more, not distracting the household with lights on late at night, I can sit in bed and read my book without causing a disturbance.

Ozeri Kandle review by Family Clan

I just needed to pull it apart to clip around my book and it is very very firmly in place. I then read my book as normal turning the pages as normal.
The light does have the ability to move so you can move the position per page if you wish, but I have enjoyed just leaving it central as it gives just the right amount of light to cover either page, but doesn’t like the room up, so no disturbing the other half when he’s asleep.

To turn it on you just need to flick the switch which is on the lamp, and now you are ready to read.

Ozeri Kandle review by Family Clan

Our Thoughts

It arrived really well too, packaged in it compact box, there is also a carry bag to protect your Kandle.
The Kandle requires CR2032 batteries, it has 2 inside, and an additional batteries.

Since receiving this, a few weeks ago, me and my children have started reading Harry Potter together, so in the evenings we have spare time, we will go to bed earlier and read a chapter per night.
I really would recommend this if you are looking for a treat for yourself or maybe even a gift for someone that likes reading! Here is the Amazon website link.

Ozeri Kandle II Book LightOzeri Kandle review by Family Clan

Also available is the Kandle II. A bit bigger than the one for my book, but perfect to fit on a book or Kindle device. Once again arriving compact and works straight out the box.

My friend’s little girl loves reading and was recently given a Kindle for her birthday. This Kandle is a perfect addition, her Mum love’s that she can take this to bed and read.

Ozeri Kandle review by Family Clan

Mummy H

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6 Thoughts to “Ozeri Kandle Flexi Book & Kindle Reading Light”

  1. A S,Edinburgh

    This looks so good; very sleek! I like the colour of the light it gives, it looks nice and comfortable to see by.

  2. debbieskerten

    This sounds perfect. I love to read my kindle before I go to sleep, but it would be wonderful to turn the lamp off so that I don’t disturb my hubby.

  3. Susan B

    I recently bought similar lights as gifts but they were not as substantial as this one. I intend to treat myself.

  4. Jeanette Leighton

    I had one of these when I was a girl as I loved reading they are great

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    I’ll be looking out for one of these – great for travel and camping

  6. kayleigh watkins

    They are so handy, I had one until Megan lent and broke it reading her books, I found it especially handy when we were sharing a bedroom with Mollie until she was 18 months old, it was much easier to use this than disturb her with a full light or lamp xxx

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