Ozeri Double-Wall Thermo Glasses

This time of year its getting colder, but we all still like to have friends round to enjoy a drink, whether that be hot or cold drinks, these Ozeri double-wall thermo glasses have you set for all occasions!

Yes, that’s right. These double-wall glasses are suited for hot and cold drinks! They keep the warm drinks warmer for longer, and cold drink cooler too.

Tried and tested, I drink coffee all the time and how many times have we all picked up our cup and it’s gone to cold to drink? All the time! Using these double-wall glasses my coffee definitely stays hotter for longer in these double-wall glasses.

They are made of durable, heat resistant, mouth-blown borosilicate glass of the finest quality.

As I have noticed in the past whilst having an alcoholic beer/lager in a standard pint glass having the cold drink in a glass, we tend to hold the glass making our drinks warm, by the heat transferring from our hands.

With these Ozeri double-wall thermo glass you are free to hold your glass and it will stay cold due to the clever thermo double-wall.

You can see how the double-wall works on this picture, what a clever idea and I think you might agree, having a hot drink in a clear glass is somewhat special and always makes it feel like an extra special cuppa.

Plus an added bonus that you never see in a standard mug, the stunning effect of the coffee making ripples which I just thought deserved the photograph.

Hers & his matching glasses, definitely me for the coffee and Daddy J for the beer.
The glasses are a 454ml size which fit a can of alcohol in perfectly, these glasses are also available in a variety of sizes and quantity.

This 235ml glass would be perfect for cocktails or espresso drinks giving off a lovely wow effect.

We always have visitors coming by, and these Ozeri double-wall thermo glasses really have been a talking point when I have been offering cup of teas and coffees in them.

Our Thoughts

Whether it is an occasion for a glass of wine, coffee, or some other beverage, borosilicate glass is completely resistant to acids, and your Ozeri glasses will never lose their original sheen.

I really do recommend these, I have enjoyed having my hot drinks in a glass for a change, and Daddy J has really enjoyed his beer in these too as they have kept it colder for longer and no condensation from colder drinks.

They are a good hand held size just like standard pint glass with an attention grabbing optical effect due to the glass wall. We have reviewed the smaller size of these glasses previously here. The Ozeri double-wall thermo glasses are available to purchase from Amazon.

Mummy H

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4 Thoughts to “Ozeri Double-Wall Thermo Glasses”

  1. A S,Edinburgh

    They’re beautiful! A great idea for any time of year.

  2. Sharon Freemantle

    They look and sound great. Think I might add them to my xmas list. I like my coffee hot but have a habit of putting it down and forgetting it.

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    They do look great – I was gifted some last week – still have them too – unusual for me with glassware as i normally drop/ crack them

  4. Susan B

    I really like these and know what you mean about holding a glass of wine or lager for quite a while, making it warm.

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