GIVEAWAY: Othello Classic A Minute to Learn – A Lifetime to Master!

Othello Classic – A Minute to Learn…… A Lifetime to Master!

Othello Classic is the internationally acclaimed two player strategy game, that you can learn to play in a minute, but will take you a life time to master.

We love Othello Classic and have played it as a family for years, its a game that you trap and capture you opponents chips by sandwiching them with your own. You need to have most of your chips turned to your colour by the end of the game – that is it…  well almost!

Did you know that April 28th was National Table Top Day? We had a great day playing lots of games and having contests to see who would win overall through out the day. I’m pleased to say that I won, so surprised, but it was close with Jake. It really was a fun family day that I plan to repeat during the summer when we can play games in the garden. We played games to suit Jake and Grace during the day, then got the games more suited to us out at night, like Othello.

John Adam do a great range of table top games for all the family to enjoy.

Whats in the Box?

Contents are:-

  • 64 Reversible Chips
  • 1 Playing Board
  • 4 Playing Board Feet
  • Instructions

How Do You Play?

To start the game both players place two chips diagonally in the centre of the board. Then the person who has the black chop goes first.

Othello Classic Game Play Review Family Clan

The player must sandwich at least one of the opponents chips each move, if you can’t then you miss a go.

You have to place your chips carefully each turn trapping your opponent, but be careful how you go as you just might end up having all your chips turned over on the next move by your opponent.

My advice is to check where you want to go, check again and then think “okay, if I go here, where does that put my opponent?”

Sometimes you just have no choice but to take a hit, but work on the next move in your head to see if you can rescue your position in the game.

Othello Classic Game Play Review Family Clan

Some games are over in a flash, other can take a lot longer, but they are all fun! Othello is a game we have played for years as a family, and a game we all enjoy.

Me and Daddy J played this game after Jake and Grace went to bed, peaceful evening enjoying the silence whilst we strategically played the game. I’m so glad that I actually won the first game between us both, as he is the one that normally wins!

Othello Classic is suitable for age 7+ and can be purchased from Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, WH Smith, ToyMaster or any good toy stockist for around £16.

Mummy H


We have a lovely giveaway for you to win. John Adams Toys have kindly you a selection of their quality board games to choose from either Triominos, Othello Classic or Rummikub. (Links to reviews of the games to give you an informed choice).

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6 Thoughts to “GIVEAWAY: Othello Classic A Minute to Learn – A Lifetime to Master!”

  1. Djbourno

    I havent played othello in years, i would love to teach my kids

  2. Marie Evans

    The kids all like playing Monopoly they love it when they win it’s fun but does take a long time.So looking out for & trying new games is always fun

  3. LeAnn Harbert

    I like playing Candyland. I played it with my boys and now I’m I play with my granddaughters.

  4. sharon martin

    we love mousetrap, have fond memories playing it when i was younger, fun and easy for anyone to play

  5. A S,Edinburgh

    That’s great; it’s a real classic, so it’s good to know it’s still available and being enjoyed by all ages.

  6. Keri Jones

    My Gran & Great Aunt taught me how to play Othello when I was a child. I LOVE it! I like to think I am master now, ha!

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