The Original 14″ Stretch Vac-Man Review

The Original 14" Stretch Vac-Man Family Clan

Read about the Original 14″ Stretch Vac-Man , the arch enemy of Stretch Armstrong

Stretch Armstrong is the nostalgic toy everyone knows and loves, but do you remember Vac-Man?

The Original 7" Stretch Armstrong Review Family Clan Blog Vac-Man

The range is constantly expanding and now Character Options brings back villain Vac-Man, the 14″ fully stretchable and poseable Vac powered action figure and the arch enemy of Stretch Armstrong.

Vac-Man has new stronger formula is ideal for 21st century fun, and he can be stretched up to 4 times his original size!

Jake and Grace really love the Stretch Armstrong we have, he has been played with nearly daily from when we first received it. So when they seen that he has an arch enemy called Vac Man they were very eager to open the box to see their rival.



Contents of the box:-The Original 14" Stretch Vac-Man Family Clan

Vac-Man 14″

We simply took Vac-Man out of his box, he is a good weight and weighs about 3lbs/just over 1kg.

The instructions were very clear to understand.

Simply connect the pump to the side of Vac-Man’s head securing into place, and pump about 6 times to suck all the air out of him which then gives him a hardened look. Disconnect the pump. Now you are able to move him as you please, you can pull him into any pose you can think of as much as your mind can imagine and he will set at the pose!

To fill him back up with air, simply press the button on the side of his head and he instantly fills up with air in less than a second.

The Original 14" Stretch Vac-Man Family Clan

The whole Stretch range features Stretch Armstrong and all his original and new friends including Octopus, and Fetch Armstrong.

Stretch them, pull them out of shape and even tie them in knots.

Our Thoughts

We have loved reviewing Vac-Man although Grace was a bit scared of him to start with due to his appearance, but she now is playing along with Jake at stretching him now that Jake has showed her how to play with him. They have had great fun pumping him up and stretching him.

Where Can I Buy?

RRP £29.99 and suitable for age 5+, Vac-Man is very suited for Jake age 6, he is able to fully function Vac-Man by himself. You can purchase him and the other characters from Characters Online.

Mummy H and Jake

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We was sent this item to review in exchange for a review. The opinions are all ours

5 Thoughts to “The Original 14″ Stretch Vac-Man Review”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Time to start looking at christmas – one of the nephews will love this – quite a stress buster too


    I remember these! Always fun – time to get one for the nephews

  3. Ashleigh Allan

    Looks fun. My son would like it. Thanks for the review

  4. Kayleigh Watkins

    This looks very cool, my son would have loved him when he was younger, he’s nearly 13 now and prefers Xbox, music, and clothes xxx

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