Olivia’s New Toy

I wrote last week about my Ebay bargain, well Olivia came over on Monday to play for a few hours and as soon as she saw the bead maze cube she was playing, she loved moving the beads around on the wires, which is good for her dexterity as she grips the different shapes and sizes.  She was standing doing this so strengthening her leg muscles, sadly her lovely chunky legs will disappear as she tries to walk more and more, I know her Mummy will miss these too.

As you can see she held herself steady with her right hand and used her left to move the beads.

Olivia Bead Maze Cube 29 July 13

She loved flipping the numbers and pictures on the side too. I’m so glad she really enjoyed playing with this as I think I would have been upset had she ignore it.  Yes sad but true.

You can see her pushing herself up in this photo. What you can’t see is the currants she “posted” through the middle hole,  letting Granddad Al get them out for her.

Olivia Bead Maze Cube+ 29 July 13

I decided not to give her a wooden spoon to play with the xylophone but will certainly do so in a couple of weeks, this will keep the toy new and interesting to her.

Nanna Jane

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