Num Noms celebrate National Sandwich Week

Did you know it is National Sandwich Week from the 20th-26th May?
Yes, National Sandwich Week where we can all tuck in and enjoy a lovely sandwich.
To celebrate National Sandwich week we have been asked to create our very own sandwich – Num Noms inspired!
Grace loves her Num Noms and has gathered a great collection within the last year, so when I mentioned this special Num Noms task we have been asked to do, she couldn’t wait to get started!
So I asked Grace what she would like in her sandwiches and all she wanted was ham! How original, so with edible eyeballs and flower shaped cutters we set to work.
Num Noms national sandwich week
Grace buttered her bread and put a big slice of ham inside. Next she chose the largest flower cutter to cut out her Num Noms inspired sandwich and decorated it with eyes and cheese string for the smiley mouth.
Grace then went onto make another sandwich but wanted to make smaller flower shapes with eyes at all points!
Num Noms national sandwich week

Although simple, she was really happy with the result, I’m usually struggling to get her to eat a full sandwich for dinner, but she ate these no problem at all! Ate all her dinner up with her cheese string and yoghurt and off she went to nursery telling me she wanted to make another of her Num Noms when she got home.

Num Noms national sandwich week
A very happy Grace
So after school Jake also wanted to get involved in the making and asked if I could make him some noodles for his! Strange concoction, but yes, I did and wondered what he would make.
Whilst cooking tea, Jake and Grace went very adventurous making their next Num Noms inspired sandwich.
Num Noms national sandwich week
They filled the inside of their sandwiches both with noodles (Yes, I love noodle butties too!) then placed the top slice on and started to create their Num Nom.
Num Noms national sandwich week Num Noms national sandwich week
With noodle-y hair and very special features, here are Jake and Grace’s Num Noms inspired sandwiches which they had alongside with their tea!
Num Noms national sandwich week
Grace and Jake have had super fun making these!
Grace loves her Num Noms goodies and couldn’t wait to get started!
Num Noms national sandwich week
The Num Noms magazine is available monthly full of Num Noms goodies, Grace has not put her magazine down and she absolutely loves the additional extras that come with it!
Num Noms national sandwich week

Series 4 Lunchbox

Mix and match Num Noms to create sweet, scented recipes! Collect 120 Num Noms in Series 4!
Num Noms national sandwich week

Scented Nums are adorable, squishy characters with tons of personality. Noms are flavored, glitter lip gloss! You can Stack the Nums on top of the Noms to make 3,000+ sweet scented combinations.

Num Noms series 4 includes 12 Num Noms

In the pack there are a selection of scented Num Noms, in our pack we have received are:-

Num Noms Series 4 Family Clan review

  • Lemon Drop (Lip Gloss)
  • Mint Swirl Gloss Up (Lip Gloss)
  • Tia Time
  • Violet Contessa
  • Orange Crunch
  • Madelyn Macaron
  • Nilla Shake
  • Confetti Cookie
  • Hottie Chocolate
  • Sugar Creme
  • Berries N Creme
    and a mystery character

The Num Noms really do smell so delicious!

Num Noms Lights Surprise in a Jar – Bunny Rabbit that smells like ice cream!
This cute and cosy Num Noms pillow is glow from the inside. One of a total of four different characters with different scents available. It comes in a plastic milkshake Smoothie container and the sweet smell of ice cream. The empty jar can be used as a piggy bank or a storage box for the Num Noms or other treasures. When you open the lid you have a small Num Nom light which you can insert inside your plush, so can be used as a cute teddy/pillow or even a special Num Noms night light!
Grace loves it and instantly used it as a night light in her bedroom.
Num Noms national sandwich week       Num Noms national sandwich week
Lunch Box 
Grace says she feel so grown up with this Num Noms ‘big girl’ lunch box and says she will use it next time we go on a train journey for a picnic. It is insulated allowing the temperature to hold. Plenty of days out planned in the summer holidays so this will be taken everywhere with us!
Num Noms national sandwich week
What great fun we have had celebrating National Sandwich Week, what would you put in a Num Noms inspired sandwich?
Mummy H, Jake & Grace
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4 Thoughts to “Num Noms celebrate National Sandwich Week”

  1. Ashleigh Allan

    Lots of great creations. I love the spaghetti hair

  2. Charlene Merrall

    Aw that looks like so much fun was had!

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    Such fun for you all – certainly would be a winner here too

  4. A S,Edinburgh

    Great creations! What a good idea for getting kids interested in their food.

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