Num Noms Celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day!

Did you know it is National Chocolate Cake Day today?

To celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day we have been asked by Num Noms to get creative in the kitchen and bake some delicious Num Noms inspired chocolate cakes!
Daddy J has had the week off work, so whilst Jake was at school Grace and Daddy J got super busy in the kitchen baking two chocolate loaf cakes to decorate once school and nursery was over for the day.
Grace put on her very special Num Noms chef hat, and instantly called herself ‘Chef Grace’ which made us chuckle as she was very set in her role and eager to start.
Graces Num Noms cakes review by Family Clan
 We gathered all our ingredients that were needed to make our very own Chocolate Cake Num Nom!

First Daddy J pre heated the oven to 190 degrees, and then they set to work with the Dr Oetker bake in the box loaf cake mix!

First Grace peeled off the lid and then poured the sachet contents into the box.

Graces Num Noms cakes review by Family Clan

Next I measured out 130ml of milk and let Grace mix the cake mix whilst Daddy J slowly poured the milk, Grace had great fun at this point enjoying seeing the texture change into a smooth mixture.

We did this process twice for both of the loaf mixes so Grace and Jake had a cake to decorate each.

Graces Num Noms cakes review by Family Clan

We then put the cake boxes into the middle of the oven for 10 minutes, I was a bit wary at this point due to the boxes being made of cardboard, but well they did stand the test of time and as you can see, Chef Grace looked super happy with these so far and posed for a picture!

Graces Num Noms cakes review by Family Clan

After waiting for 10 minutes we removed the boxes from the oven, and with a knife Daddy J scored a 1cm deep line lengthways through the centre of the cake as instructed.

Then placed back in the oven for a further 25 minutes until cooked, Grace kept asking if her cakes were ready and constantly wanting to check them! At this point it was time for Grace to go to afternoon nursery, so we allowed the cakes to cool and awaiting for Grace and Jake to decorate when they got home from school. Grace went to school and told her teacher how much of a busy morning she has had, hard life being Chef Grace after all!

Graces Num Noms cakes review by Family Clan

After getting home and running straight to the kitchen Grace made a start on making some icing sugar with me to create her very own Num Nom cake!

Graces Num Noms cakes review by Family Clan

Scooping the icing sugar on, and eating it at the same time (which she denied!) Grace then added mini marshmallows and star sprinkles onto her cake making her own ‘Hedgehog Num Nom’.

As you can see she is really pleased with her very own Num Noms chocolate cake.

Graces Num Noms cakes review by Family Clan

Next it was Jake’s turn to make his own Num Noms chocolate cake! Jake wanted to make butter icing to go on the top of his!

He was camera shy last night so no pictures of Jake making his, he made the butter icing and decorated his chocolate cake with gingerbread men, fizzy sweets and iced gems, delicious

Graces Num Noms cakes review by Family Clan

Num Noms Series 4.2 Mystery Pots

We were also sent two Num Noms Series 4.2 mystery pots which are Grace’s favourites and her boxes revealed two nail polishes, purple and yellow! I have had a pamper session from Grace and have had my nails done for me in both colours! The nail polish is ideal for children, it is water based, although it stays on and dries within a minute or two, once you wash your hands it does come off, which is fantastic to be honest as no nail polish is allowed to be worn in nursery, but how can I stop a girly girl doing girly things!

Num Noms series 4.2 Mystery Pots review Chocolate Cake Family Clan

These nail polishes are also scented, the purple one smells like blackcurrant, the yellow one smells of bannanas!

Num Noms series 4

Graces Num Noms cakes review by Family Clan

Mix and match Num Noms to create sweet, scented recipes! Collect 120 Num Noms in Series 4!

Scented Nums are adorable, squishy characters with tons of personality. Noms are flavored, glitter lip gloss! You can Stack the Nums on top of the Noms to make 3,000+ sweet scented combinations.

Num Noms series 4 includes 12 Num Noms

In the pack there are a selection of scented Num Noms, in our pack we have received are:-

Graces Num Noms cakes review by Family Clan

  • Lemon Drop (Lip Gloss)
  • Mint Swirl Gloss Up (Lip Gloss)
  • Tia Time
  • Violet Contessa
  • Orange Crunch
  • Madelyn Macaron
  • Nilla Shake
  • Confetti Cookie
  • Hottie Chocolate
  • Sugar Creme
  • Berries N Creme
  • Plus a mystery character which revealed Angel Cake which Grace loves and says it is so pretty!

Graces Num Noms cakes review by Family Clan

We did a Num Noms Baking Challenge on Christmas Eve that you can read about here. We had a great time then too.

Num Noms Lunch Box Series 4 can be purchased from Amazon and the Mystery Pots can also be purchased from Amazon.

The Num Noms really do smell so delicious and now its left me craving something sweet!

Mummy H, Grace & Jake

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4 Thoughts to “Num Noms Celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day!”

  1. Rosie

    A national chocolate cake day sounds wonderful. And what a good time and yummy cake!

  2. Ashleigh Allan

    Great job on the cakes. Bake in the box sounds fab

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    What a delight
    Delicious way to have fun
    Well DONE to you all

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Thanks Margaret. Grace had a great time making the cakes & then decorating hers. Jake loved decorating his too. xx

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