Nim’s Kids Fruit & Vegetable Crisps

 Nim's Kids fruity crisps review by Family Clan 2


Add a healthy crunch to your lunch with Nim’s Kids Fruit & Vegetable Crisps

Many adults, and even more children, eat a packet of crisps daily. This results in consuming the equivalent of five litres of cooking oil, and untold amounts of salt, a year. Which to read is pretty shocking and it is a wander what we are putting in our bodies.

Nim’s are an innovative British company who are trying to address this issue with two exciting ranges of healthy and very tasty fruit and vegetable crisp.

Nim’s Fruit & Vegetable Crisps are named after their creator Nimisha Raja. Her new range of crisps have the same satisfying crunch as a ‘normal’ potato crisp, but there’s not a drop of oil, salt, artificial flavour or preservative in sight. Instead there’s a burst of flavour, that appeals equally to child and adult palates, and a vitamin hit that’s comparable to that found in a piece of fresh fruit!

What a fantastic idea, if your child is fussy with fruit its great you can give them a bag of Nim’s knowing they are getting 1 of their 5 a day.

So what is Nim’s secret to such yummy crisps?

Well, this is a secret they are willing to tell… The secret behind the incredible taste and crunch of Nim’s Fruit & Vegetable Crisps is their simplicity. The brand simply take fresh produce, in the form of fruit and veg, thinly slice and air-dry it…that’s it. Nothing is added or taken away. By avoiding frying the ingredients, not only is the need to add oil and fat removed, but the crisps remain exactly as they should be ‘crisp’, giving them a crunch that grownups and kids will love.

Because full fruits are used, which allows the brand to operate a zero waste policy, the crisps are jam-packed full of fibre and vitamins, and all contain less than 80 calories per bag in the adult range and 50 calories in the children’s.

The end result is a tasty and genuinely healthy alternative to potato crisps that are equally at home in an office or school lunch box as a picnic basket on a warm summer’s day.

With all this, I personally couldn’t wait to have a try! Logan can be such a fussy eater when it comes to ‘something new’. So I told him exactly what these where and how they are made into crisps, and he, like me was more than willing to give them a try as he does like fruit and vegetables.

Nim’s Kids Fruit Crisps – Amazing Apple

Nim's Kids fruity crisps review by Family Clan 2


This pack contains one of your five a day and was really nice, the flavours stayed all the way through each crisps and had a natural sweetness to them. As they are air dried and not fried, the packet contains 43 calories.

Nim’s Kids Vegetable Crisps – Cool Courgette

Nim's Kids fruity crisps review by Family Clan 2

Logan has never really been a fan of courgette but I do like to have this with my salads, so I was eager to taste. Logan did have a try but wasn’t keen and I think that he had already had his mind set to this. I took this packet out on a picnic to the park with my pasta salad and they were really nice! and with only 33 calories per pack these are so suitable for children’s lunchboxes.

Nim’s Kids Fruit Crisps – Perfect Pear

Nim's Kids fruity crisps review by Family Clan 2

I must say that I have never really been a big fan of pears, but of course I was willing to give these a try. I actually really enjoyed this flavour, it was sweet tasting throughout and keeping their flavour and they are 53 calories in a pack.

Our thoughts

We liked Nim’s Kids Fruit & Vegetable Crisps and also enjoyed that they had a crunch that then went chewy which brings the flavours out. You also get a good amount of Fruit & Vegetable Crisps in each packet, (my photographed images wasn’t the full contents.)

Nim’s Kids Fruit & Vegetable Crisps are a snack that is good for Logan and they are 100% natural with them being air dried and not fried I know that he is getting all the goodness from one packet with no added nasties. They will fit perfectly in his school lunch box when he returns to school.

Nim’s Pear, Apple, Beetroot & Parsnip and Pineapple Crisps are now available in Tesco and Tesco Express stores nationwide and the Nim’s Kids range, which includes Amazing Apple, Cool Courgette and Perfect Pear varieties, is available from Ocado and from the Nims website, where you’ll also find further information. For each packet purchased a portion of this goes to Hope Childrens Charity too.

Mummy E & Logan

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    I love roasted peppers, they are so good.

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    Passion fruit

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    Love dried fruits

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    Tomato’s they are so versatile and can be used in so many recipe’s and also in salads and sandwiches. Love Vine ripened!.

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    Peppers. Roasted with lots of seasoning ?

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    Banana …. I have one every day.

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