More New Grand Daughter Crochet and Update

Grand Daughter Update.

Mummy C had a scan yesterday and apparently our new grand daughter due in a months time is already weighing 6lbs 14oz! She’s not going to fit into new born size for very long. Luckily I’ve already been making larger items, although they are still so cute. I can’t wait for her arrival and going to see her.

Matching Hat

I’ve made a little hat that matches the two cardigans I posted about here. With the mini granny squares near the brim in alternate colours, it too minimal mint and lavender, with the cream as the main colour.

Crochet Hat Poncho Grand Daughter Family Clan Blog

This was a different pattern than the hats I usually make that start at the crown and work to the brim. This pattern called for you to make the granny squares, sew them together like a head band, the double crochet (DC)  in the gaps upwards to the crown and then under the granny square band to make a brim. I made my brim longer than the pattern so as it could be folded up as I prefer that look. The hat measures just over 12 inches around. I hope her head will fit!


Seeing as she will be a Spring baby I thought I’d try to make her a poncho that Mummy C can just pop on her in Summer (yes I’m convinced we will have one this year!) in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun is cooler.

Crochet Hat Poncho Grand Daughter Family Clan Blog


I’ve made a row near the top for a ribbon or a cord, but not sure as yet if I will put one in. Always worried about ties near the neck of a little one. If I make another one I’ll definitely leave a gap in the neck front to close with a button & loop.

Grand daughter Magic Yarn Wool PoundWorld

It took, almost exactly, a 50 gram ball. The wool I used was Magic Double Knit from PoundWorld. It was a buy 2 get 1 free so was a total of £2.00. I love the way this wool changed colour as you crochet.

I can’t wait to me her. To see her personality as she grows. Hopefully we will be able to go over to see her soon after she’s born. Mummy C has had enough of being pregnant now and just wants it all to be over. I remember that feeling well, that last few weeks always seem to be the longest.

Have you done any crafting lately/? Do leave us a comment telling us all what you have made. You can send us a photograph via Facebook or Twitter of your crafting too.

Nanna Jane

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  1. Margaret

    Done a great job on these
    I’m still practicing but getting better

  2. Samantha O'D

    So cute! The wool is lovely

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