New Crafting Acquisitions – bamboo Needles

bamboo Knitting Needles

I’ve been busy spending on Amazon!

You might remember that Granddad Al bought me a set of Knit Picks Interchangeable Needles for Valentines Day earlier this year. I love them and use them all the time. I’ve made hats, fingerless mitts, cowls and more with them. But I wanted to have a go at making some socks. I looked at the price of 9 inch circular needles and thought hmmm maybe not yet.

I really don’t want to go spend too much to find out that I don’t actually like making socks, makes sense right? I was looking on Amazon and came across these double pointed needles (DPN’s) for a great price of just £1.44 with FREE delivery! Here’s the link if you fancy getting yourself some for this ridiculously bargain price.

Double Pointed Knitting Needles Review Family Clan
I know there only 10 here my 4mm are upstairs with my next hat.

I’ve tried metal/aluminium DPN’s but my work just slides off them and I lost stitches all over the place and the work just got ripped out and forgot. But with these its so much easier as the yarn actually clings to the bamboo wood needles. You get 11 sets of five needles for this price.

The sizes are 2.0 mm, 2.25 mm, 2.5 mm, 2.75 mm, 3.0 mm, 3.25 mm, 3.5 mm, 3.75 mm, 4.0 mm, 4.5 mm and 5.0 mm.  Each of the needles have their size stamped on, although on smaller ones it can be difficult to read. They are approximately 5 cm in length. Okay they aren’t very long, but they are brilliant for closing hats, socks etc.

Circular Knitting Needles Amazon Review Family Clan

I also purchased these 40 cm bamboo circular knitting needles, they have the sizes stamped on the needles and range in sizes from 2.0 mm – 10.0 mm and there are 18 pairings in the set that are joined with clear plastic tubing. I admit they are not a silky smooth on the joins on my Knit Picks but for a price of £2.52 for the set (Amazon link) they work. I don’t use expensive yarn on them – I don’t have that much expensive yarn mainly acrylic, – so I’m happy with them.

Circular Knitting Needles Amazon Review Family Clan

I got Grand Dad Al to shorten one of them. he removed the tubing, then cut down the bamboo needle, cut the tubing to size and voila I have a 9 inch sock length circular needle for next to nothing! He’s only done the one so far but it was so easy. It literally took him less then 10 minutes to do and will be even less time in future as he knows what he’s doing now.

I decided to get another set of the 16 inch / 40 cm bamboo circular needles then I could have one set cut down for smaller work and keep on full length. So I got these.

Circular Knitting Needles Amazon Review Family Clan

Again they have the sizes stamped on them and are the same sizes as the set above, but this time they have coloured tubing which I love! You can see in the photo below that not all the connections are perfect, but with a bit of fine sand paper I’ll make them look and feel a lot smoother. These cost me just £2.32 (Amazon link)

Circular Knitting Needles Amazon Review Family Clan

For these prices I can try making socks until I master it, or if I don’t like it I won’t feel guilty about the cost.

Now what colour shall I start with!!

Have you tried knitted socks or bought anything craft related lately?

Nanna Jane

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8 Thoughts to “New Crafting Acquisitions – bamboo Needles”

  1. susan smith

    Some great reviews here for these needles, i had my doubts about them, but will give them a try for sure

  2. Rosie

    This is new to me, I’ve never heard of bamboo needles before. I’d like to try them, and they would make a nice addition to a gift basket.

  3. Marie Evans

    Years ago I used to knit & I found the metal knitting needles the stitches always used to slide off also made my fingers sweaty ( sorry) So these sound a great idea.

  4. lorraine kirk

    I’ve never knitted socks before but would like to have a go this year. I use bamboo knitting needles so may give these a go!

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    Ive never knitted socks ! Bootees yes – still finishing quilts i started 2 months ago

    1. Nanna-Jane

      I’m going to have a go for my next free project. Just making a shawl & something for Baby Nemo. xx

  6. A S,Edinburgh

    I’ve never seen bamboo knitting needles before. They sound like a great option for anyone who finds standard ones too slippy. Thanks for the review.

    1. Nanna-Jane

      They are, the bamboo seems to grip the yarn. Not so much it snags but it does stop them slipping off. xx

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