Navman Tourer Life Map Updates Not Working Now Fixed

Navman Tourer Life Fix

First of all I must congratulate the staff at Mitac (Navman Support) for their first rate service when I had a problem updating my Navman Tourer Life Sat Nav (Life = Lifetime Map Updates;-) my email was answered within 24 hours after being sent and now it’s now back up and running with the latest maps 😉

Navman Tourer Life

I had just wanted to update my Navman with the latest maps, but ended up taking all my history, saved places & all the maps out!! Trying to put it back in turned into a nightmare, I tried all different ways with out success. I eventually emailed Mitac & within 24 hours received this reply

If you have the problem that when clicking ”Install Maps” in MioMore Desktop, nothing happens. Use instructions below :

  • If you have any other USB devices connected to your PC, please disconnect them.


  • Go to Start > (My) Computer > Navman Tourer Life > (1) open the Navman folder. In this Navman folder, (2) delete every folder and file apart from the Sound folder.




  • Close NavDesk and re-open it. Now try to install the maps as normal.

We are now back up & running, or is that driving, again.  We have had to manually put in all our places again & some have been lost until we go there again, like the hotels we stay in when visiting our daughter Mummy H, but at least it is now all good.  I had thought I might have had to buy a replacement.

Hope someone else finds this information useful.

Granddad Al

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