National Slime Day with Glam Goo

National Slime Day with Glam Goo

Did you know that it is National Slime Day today the 17th March? We have been sent some Glam Gloo products to celebrate this and have had great fun today getting stuck in.

Okay, I’m a normal Mam, and well… celebrating slime isn’t something I’d celebrate but the kids absolutely love it, so top Brownie points when these arrived to review!

Glam Goo we reviewed what seems along time ago now, back in February last year for the Deluxe Pack. This went down a big hit with both Jake and Grace and their mixed up slime creations are still being used this year.

So knowing how much they loved it, I couldn’t say no.

These very cute packs of Glam Goo, I’ve got to admit, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in with Grace and start.

We have been sent two packs of Glam Goo, and don’t they just look fantastic, perfectly suited for my little girly girl Grace.

Glam Goo Fantasy Pack

We first started by opening the Glam Goo Fantasy Pack which gives you a perfect way to make slime but also keep it very fashionable by being able to make a necklace and key chain.

With plenty of slime and sparkles to get started we really couldn’t wait to get started.

Included within the box was:-

Container of clear slime,
Heart necklace,
Cloud charm,
3 Slime decorations
2 Coloured shimmer powders

Everything ready to get started, we first opened the slime, and took it out. Yes, at first it is extremely slimy, but after a few minutes of play within the hands it starts to thicken and become easier to handle.

Upon first opening it is very clear slime, but one you have played for a while it goes a bit more cloudy.

So we then separated this into two so she could make 2 mixtures with different sparkles and colours.

Using the blue and green powders she mixed this is, and next we then added the sparkles, so exciting!

She was in complete slime heaven, that’s for sure. She just loved adding all the sprinkles, sparkles and colours.

Fair to say Grace was very happy that she has been able to create her own sparkly necklace.

Glam Goo Confetti Pack

Once again, she couldn’t wait to get started. ‘Fluffy slime’ she just loved the idea of this. Keeping very fashionable this Glam Goo Confetti Pack allows you to create yourself a bracelet and bunny charm.

The contents of the pack includes:-

Container with fluffy slime,
Bow bracelet,
Bunny Charm,
2 Slime decorations,
2 Coloured shimmer powders

The slime once again was very gooey to start, but after a few minutes play it goes into a thicker consistency making it easy to handle. Spoiled for choice of what to add into your slime, to make it personalised to what you want.

Grace split her Glam Goo into two and started on this one first by adding the coloured balls, sparkles and then the colour.

Giving this a good blend together with her hands it came out pretty!

She let loose with the sparkles as you can see!, she got them everywhere but absolutely loved it! Even my carpet has turned so much prettier, haha!

We used the Glam Goo within the bunny rabbit charm.

Grace adores her bracelet too that she has decorated using the pink colour dust.

Our thoughts

We have enjoyed National Slime Day with Glam Goo creating these together, and yes I enjoyed getting slimy knowing that it will thicken up in a few minutes.

I would highly recommend Glam Goo, we filled up a rainy Saturday and Sunday afternoon enjoying making together. Glam Goo has an age range of 6+ although Grace is 5 and loved doing these.

You can find the Glam Goo Fantasy Pack and Confetti Pack on Amazon.

Mummy H and Grace

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5 Thoughts to “National Slime Day with Glam Goo”

  1. A S,Edinburgh

    National Slime Day; amazing! What lovely sets, perfect for anyone who enjoys this kind of play.

  2. Shir

    I didnt know about slime day looks like fun

  3. Susan B

    That looks fun. No wonder Grace enjoyed it.

  4. Mo - Duck

    I didn’t even know there was even a National Slime Day? But slime is such a great toy!

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    National slime day !! That’s a new one – we have this too – will agree it’s great fun

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