National Sibling Day with BABY Born

National Sibling Day with BABY Born

Jake and Grace return to school

BABY born is celebrating National Sibling Day today the 10th April. My two youngest children absolutely adore each other (most of the time.)

The bond that siblings have is unbreakable, now I am 29 I keep in contact with my own siblings too, even though we have all grown up and moved apart from each other, I’m still their little sister and they still sometimes listen to what I have to say… Mentioning to Daddy T to have a BBQ at the end of the week for me when I come to visit and he’s listened, let’s hope the sun is shining!

BABY Born Little Brother

BABY Born National Sibling Day by Family Clan 5

If you haven’t seen before, BABY born has an adorable brother and sister range which retail at £49.99 for each doll and come with six functions and 10 accessories for fun and interactive play.

We have previously reviewed BABY Born Little Brother and also BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid.

Baby Born Soft Touch Doll and Table Feeding Chair

Excited to meet BABY Born Brother, Grace couldn’t wait to open and play.

BABY Born National Sibling Day by Family Clan 5

BABY Born brother has brown hair, moving knee joints, so he can stand by himself. Grace has called him Bubbles, and he has been very welcomed into our household.

You can give him a drink by filling his drinks bottle and feeding through his mouth. Using this water will then allow Bubbles to cry real tears by simply pressing the right arm gently several times.

BABY Born National Sibling Day by Family Clan 5

There is also a hair brush included which you can brush his soft realistic hair, Grace said how real it felt. She loved styling it and decided he looks best with the ‘curtains’ look. Just like how her Uncle used to have his many years ago!

BABY Born National Sibling Day by Family Clan 5

BABY Born Brother can also be put in the bath which Grace really got excited for as she just loves taking her toys in the bath.

Featuring a t-shirt and jeans outfit with braces, and cool trainers, BABY Born brother looks really fashionable. Simply popping his shoes onto his feet, he is ready to play with straight out the box.

BABY Born National Sibling Day by Family Clan 5

Additionally there is also a friendship bracelet for Grace and Bubbles to wear. Plus another bonus is that the doll takes no batteries, which is always great.

Our Thoughts

Grace really loves her new BABY Born Brother Doll. She just suits looking after little ones as she is very gentle and caring. Here is the Amazon website link.

BABY Born National Sibling Day by Family Clan 5

We hope you have a fantastic National Siblings Day today. Today Jake and Grace will be spending time together at soft play whilst we enjoy the break from school for the Easter Holidays.

Mummy H

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10 Thoughts to “National Sibling Day with BABY Born”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Think ill buy one of these for my neice : shes not impressed at all with her new baby sis – sure hope it help

  2. A S,Edinburgh

    They’re a classic brand. This looks great!

  3. debbieskerten

    I love interactive toys for the children. Bubbles is fantastic and obviously well loved by Grace.

  4. toziesite

    Didn’t know know there was a sibling day, my two fight most days, however always end up friends and are so protective of each other so I think your right they do have that u breakable Bond

  5. Susan B

    How lovely! I had no idea about National Siblings Day. Anything that supports and encourages children to appreciate their siblings is very welcome.

  6. Rachel Craig

    Baby Born Brother looks great. Sibling Day :- Thanks for acknowledging Sibling Day 10th April.

  7. fionajk42

    That’s so nice that they are close. I always felt very lucky that my son and daughter got on so well, as my best friend’s children used to fight all the time. As adults my children are still good friends, whereas my friend’s children actively dislike and avoid each other.

  8. kayleigh watkins

    Ypur right siblings bonds are unbreakable my three children are 14, 6 and 2, they bicker and annoy eachother but when they are getting on they are all so close, my older two always dote on my youngest, we love family bbqs too xx

  9. Margaret Gallagher

    He’s so cute – love the fact they are making boy dolls too – sure we’ll be getting one soon

  10. Margaret Gallagher

    Hes well cute – wouldn’t mind one for myself – great for learning

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