National Feet Week

National Feet Week

National Feet Week

Did you know that it is National Feet Week this week 13th May to 20th May?

How often do you visit the Podiatrist? I don’t visit at all even though my good friend is one.

I really should, our feet are there to look after us and we should really look after them!

Research is suggesting that many kids aren’t learning how to tie their laces and I do agree with this research. We are asked in nursery/reception to supply children with velcro/slip on for ease. But then this gets to older years, now I admit Jake is 8 and still wears velcro, its easier for him on the mad rush to school on a morning, I sit and think that now he is 8 he really should learn.

I don’t remember at all when I learnt to tie a shoe, but I do remember doing the bunny ears way, and that’s how I learnt.

Gifted Bundles

This fantastic bundle will have my feet summer ready in no time.

I’m loving the Dr Anders foot Intensive Rescue balm, Nourishing Daily Therapy and Conditioning Nail Treatment.

Also the super soft Thought bamboo socks which are the softest feeling socks ever! Apart from my millions of fluffy socks that I own. I do have a thing for fluffy socks!

The Formthotics which I have in my shoes are absolutely amazing. Formthotics are worn by millions around the world to help treat and prevent:-

  • foot and leg problems: aching tired feet, heel pain, pain in the ball of the foot, corns, calluses etc.
  • Sports injuries: Achilles tendon pain, shin splits, knee pain and hip pain.
  • Musculoskeletal problems: Back pain, myalgia, fibrositis, arthritis
  • Diabetes: Prevention of foot ulcers by unloading pressure areas

Skin Academy

Check out these Skin Academy products too, Moisturising and Exfoiliating Socks which you can get your feet summer ready as these are just £1.99 in Bodycare stores.

Why don’t you have a look at the Skin Academy Website where you can view more of their fantastic products.

#LaceRace Challenge

As part of National Feet Week we have been challenged to fasten 2 laces on shoes as part of the #LaceRace. There has been many fantastic attempts and even a completed attempt has been done in just over 3 seconds at Blog On.

Well, I tried! Here is my attempt below with my wobbly handed 8 year old videoing!

If you haven’t heard Forgotten Feet are aiming to provide a free, regular podiatry service for those who need it the most but are least likely to have access to it.

Mummy H

Have you seen our giveaways? Just head to our giveaway page to see the list of prizes.

We was sent these items as part of Nation Feet Week campaign.

13 Thoughts to “National Feet Week”

  1. Peter Watson

    It’s good that there’s a reminder for people to look after their feet.I now get mine looked at once every 2 months.

  2. Susie Wilkinson

    I really need to look after my feet better, I even manged to break my fifth metatarsal a couple of years ago, but didn’t even go to the hospital, I just got it checked out at my GP 6 months later when my bone had healed wrongly, I’m now left with a lump on the side of my foot. We sometimes forget just how important our feet are.

  3. fionajk42

    As you get older it becomes more important to look after your feet, otherwise it can be hard to walk if you have calluses, corns, etc. I recently tried some therapeutic foot socks to wear at night, and they were a revelation. Much more effective than just putting on foot cream and wearing ordinary socks in bed. Will definitely keep using them on a regular basis.

  4. Samantha O'D

    Never heard of this, I really dislike bare feet. They make me feel ill

  5. Susan B

    What a lovely bundle. Many of us have a tendency to ignore our feet until they let us know they need some attention.

  6. A S,Edinburgh

    What a great bundle. I’ve never tried bamboo socks, or Dr Anders; I’m sure they’re a real treat.

  7. Laura Wheatley

    Its so easy to put off learning to tie shoe laces isn’t it as theres loads of velcro options which are so easy on a school morning. my 9 year old was about 8 I think, bunny ears is a great way to learn!

    I also should pay a little more attention to my feet esp as I walk a lot

  8. debbieskerten

    Lovely foot goodies. 2 laces on shoes in 3 seconds, wow. I can’t even remember the last time I tied laces. Slip ons or zips for me.

  9. Margaret Gallagher

    What a BRILL idea
    Certainly something I’ll be looking in to
    My feet need TLC

  10. Chloe Taylor

    Wow, some great goodies you were gifted, love the little foot pamper box x

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