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Naipo Shoulder Massager with Tapping

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I suffer from a lot of neck and shoulder pain and have done for years – I was told that my back ache would ease after I have had Mummy H – hmmm almost 30 years later and still have it!

When Naipo sent me this shoulder massager ( model MGS-151 ) to review I thought it first resembled a life jacket at first, but nope, this massager has different magical powers don’t think life jackets have the magical power that this Naipo massager holds.

Naipo Shoulder Massage Massager with tapping Model MGS-151 Review Family Clan


I’ve been trying this out for a few days now and it really is relieving some of the pain, doesn’t get rid of it totally but as I said I’ve lived with it for a long time so wouldn’t expect it to disappear completely, but it has given me some sense of relief.

Naipo Shoulder Massage Massager with tapping Model MGS-151 Review Family Clan

The Naipo Shoulder Massager has eight intensity levels, from a gentle tapping to intense and deep pummeling. I’ve never had a massage that is like this always the more gliding technique, but it is certainly different. I’ve not gone above level two as that was a deep a massage as I like level one and Naipo recommend you start out from that level and over time/sessions work up to where you are comfortable.

What is brilliant is that it doesn’t tire out like a human would when they are massaging. It has a 10 minute default setting and I had a break in between my session, I’ve used it on my neck and shoulders.

Naipo Shoulder Massage Massager with tapping Model MGS-151 Review Family Clan

The massager is covered in a PU leather that is easy to wipe and keep clean, with a mesh material where the actual pummeling nodes are. It’s like a horseshoe shape that just slips over your neck and I thought it was going to feel heavy, but it was surprisingly comfortable to wear. The control on the left side arm is easy to use with a power on/off button, M for mode, the + and – for increasing the speed. There are straps at the bottom to place your hands through to keep the shoulder relaxed whist you are being massaged. There is also a press stud at the bottom of the arms that you can push together for a “hands-free” massage.

Naipo Shoulder Massage Massager with tapping Model MGS-151 Review Family Clan


It doesn’t only do your neck and shoulders, you can do your back, waist, tummy, hip, thighs and calves. Just imagine how much it would cost you to have a full body massage in a spa, and for as little as £39.99 you could have this in your own home to use whenever you want or need to. It also comes fitted with a UK three pin plug too, which is a great bonus.

Naipo have a wide range of products on their website, including my shoulder massager, but also massager for the head, neck, back, feet, eyes, even full body massaging chairs and tables. There is also alot of their products on Amazon.

Naipo have kindly sent us a Promotion code through for you to save even more. Use code QJ26TN8T  and get this great massager for just £35.99

It think the Naipo Massager would make a fantastic Christmas present that would give hours of comfort to someone, so who are you going to buy it for? Yourself maybe?

Nanna Jane

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5 Thoughts to “Naipo Shoulder Massager with Tapping”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Would love one of these – heard so many great things – maybe I’ll buy one

  2. L Whittaker

    This looks like a great idea. I have a lot of tension in my neck which I can’t get rid of and this sounds like it could help.

  3. A S,Edinburgh

    Very interesting, thank you for reviewing it. I think people yet to develop problems could also benefit from something like this, to help reduce the risk of them in future. I know that a lot of people struggle with muscular tension, which can become a real issue in time, and it can be hard to put aside the resources for a regular massage.

  4. Kayleigh Watkins

    I’m glad it’s helping to ease your pain, this may be good for my partner who suffers with neck ache and a sore shoulder where it’s dislocated a few times xxx

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