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MyBuddy-Box a fantastic alternative to the carrier bag

With carrier bags now costing at supermarkets we wanted something as an alternative, infact we’ve been looking for something to replace of them for quite a while, this MyBuddy-Box is a great option & we use it regularly.

Family Clan Blog MyBuddy-Box

Do you know carrier bags are used for an average of 20 minutes but can take hundreds of years to break down?  I didn’t know that, like most people, I do take carriers bag back to the supermarket to be reused for the next shop, but think nothing of getting an extra one if they are full. I am shocked by learning that.  That’s when I heard about MyBuddy-Box & it’s idea’s, the company is a modern day David taking on Goliath or the supermarket & shops.  MyBuddy-Box is a portable, foldable & reusable box, that is fantastic.

I already love my MyBuddy-Box, I’ve used it mainly on supermarket runs. But even going the local shopping centre has become easier by using it.  I just get a trolley from my local discount store, put my MyBuddy-Bo in it & do my shopping around the centre, then when I get back to the car, Grandad Al just lift’s it out & pops it in the boot, no need for countless carrier bags from all the different stores.

Family Clan Blog MyBuddy-Box Family Clan Blog MyBuddy-Box

The people at MyBuddy-Box want to create a pressure group & persuade these supermarkets that customers deserve the right to at least be offered an alternative option to the bags for life & floppy bags already on offer. MyBuddy-Box not only will provides an improved, permanent & reliable way of transporting groceries but it is much better value for money than any bag for life, hessian bag out there. These boxes not only have thousands of uses but will last for decades with constant use.

MyBuddy-Box are just a small start up, whose ultimate goal is to get the supermarkets to wake up & to start listening that they ought to be doing much more than they are (which is really nothing) in coming up with alternative solutions to help us consumers, for when the plastic bag tax comes in to force this October.

MyBuddy-Box not only will provides an improved, permanent & reliable way of transporting groceries but it is much better value for money than any bag for life, hessian bag out there.

Family Clan Blog MyBuddy-Box

Apart from doing the shopping, the box can be used to store toys, wool, files & folders, books, shoes, baby essentials,  summer/winter clothes, in the boot of the car for all the extra things we seem to collect (junk in our case), infact hundred, probably thousands of things. They are even stack able so you could keep each childs toys in a different box

Practical information

When it’s folded it becomes ‘briefcase’ size: 32 x 25 x 4cm.

Open it’s 32 x 25 x 55cm.

Opens out in seconds into a lightweight, strong, rigid, stackable box

Ergonomically designed with comfy handholds

Tested to be able to carry in excess of 20kg – that’s more than the average customer can lift and carry.

It fits into most Supermarket trolleys.

It takes second to put up & fold when you’ve finished.

Family Clan Blog MyBuddy-BoxFamily Clan Blog MyBuddy-BoxFamily Clan Blog

The box comes in a range of colours & designs, I think my bird & flower design called Paradise is fab, but they also come in Eco Black, Eco Blue cost £9.99, Rose the blue satchel, Harley the wooden crate, Wild the leopard print & Henley the wicker delight.  They cost £14.99, which is a small amount to layout compared to all the carrier bags that we have purchased over the years.  If you use product code FAMILY you will be able to get free P&P off any orders.

So which pattern are you choosing & how are you going to use your MyBuddy-Box?

Nanna Jane

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3 Thoughts to “MyBuddy-Box Review”

  1. Martina Evans

    Fabulous idea! These would most definitely come in handy (:

  2. Karen T

    That’s a really great idea, and much stronger for putting shopping in than the original plastic bags!

  3. Kim Carberry

    What a fantastic idea….I imagine these to be so useful x

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