My New Crafting Tools

Crochet Needles

I have finally received my crochet needles from China, I ordered them off Ebay on the 3rd August & today they arrived! I’m like a kid with a bunch of sweeties, I’m so excited.

They come in a purple case that has a zip around three of the sides.

Crochet Hooks Set Ebay Family Clan Blog

There are hooks on both of sides inside

Crochet Hooks Set Ebay Family Clan Blog


The large hooks that range in size from a 2.0mm to a 6.5mm are on the left & in various metallic colours, they are so pretty!


I’ve just been using a 5.0mm hook so far as that was all I owned but now with these I’ll be busy crocheting for everyone!  I’ve already had a request from my best friend Sharon for a draught excluder, so I’ll be using the larger one for that with some wool I got that isn’t really suitable for clothes as its a bit rough, but I got it really cheap!

The needles on the left are so cute & small they range from a 1.9mm right down to s 0.6mm, I’ve no idea what can be crocheted that small but I bet its a fiddly & uses very thing yarn or wool.


I’m in the middle of making a whale with my older hook so will finish that tonight so I can test drive my new treasures.

You can purchase this Crochet Hooks Set from Amazon for just £3.32, which is actually cheaper than what I paid on Ebay (Price correct as of time of printing.)

If you have not seen my recent post about the little cardigan I made you can read it Crochet Cardigan.

I’ll post some photographs of what I make.

Nanna Jane

I purchased these needles on Ebay for a cost of £4.39 including P&P, this review is my honest opinion.  I was not paid for this post.

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3 Thoughts to “My New Crafting Tools”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    These look fab – wonder if you still have them – mine last ages

    1. Nanna-Jane

      I certainly have them. Bought another set for Olivia last Christmas as she loves crochet too. I’ve even too them over to the IOM on a flight and was ok with them. Didn’t think about them to be honest when we packed – we only take hand luggage- but went straight through. xxJane

      1. Margaret Gallagher

        Lucky they didn’t confiscate

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