My Living World Window Bird Feeder

My Living World Window Bird Feeder 

Study garden birds with naturalist Nick Barker with this My Living World Window Bird Feeder you can have the opportunity to watch them more close up.

We love watching birds, I personally find them relaxing to watch and watching them go on with their day to day life.

My Living World Window Bird Feeder review by Family Clan 2

Watch garden birds close-up with this beautifully designed, durable window feeder.

The large portal with two-way mirror allows you to observe birds without disturbing them.

My Living World Window Bird Feeder review by Family Clan 2

Contents of the box:-

Bird feeder with one-way mirror

2 suckers for window mounting

2 boss for mounting to wall or fence

Colour instruction manual including garden bird guide.

How to assemble our Window Bird Feeder

The feeder is made from quality components and easy to install, refill and clean.

First I started by peeling the protective films off the mirror with the blue film facing forward.

Then I clipped the mirror into the centre of the bird feeder body and added the green cover.

My Living World Window Bird Feeder review by Family Clan 2

Next clip in the seed tray and push the perch into position.

All we needed to do now was add the window suckers into the body of the bird feeder and push up to secure into position.

Very simple process and we are all done and this was now ready to be used instantly.

I put this on to the outside window to my living room so we will be able to see any birds come and go as it is the main room in use.

My Living World Window Bird Feeder review by Family Clan 2

We all love the style of it, cute, and such a great idea!

We have actually purchased another set from Amazon for Nanna Doll, because she often sits at her dinning room table looking out in her back garden and watches the birds come and go.

With the instruction manual also including a garden bird guide, you can identify the bird you have seen and then turn the pages to learn more about the bird.

We often get Finch’s in our garden in the summer, so I can’t wait to see some activity on the Window Bird Feeder.

It is such a great idea and ideal for all ages. My two children keep coming to check if there are any birds on the feeder yet.

We haven’t spotted any, but we all know it takes time for birds to come to something new.

Mummy H

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3 Thoughts to “My Living World Window Bird Feeder”

  1. A S,Edinburgh

    I love these so much, they’re perfect for getting a really close look at the birds without causing them any distress.

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    These are so COOL – sure the boys will lobe them too

    1. Chris kilday

      I can’t attach the feeding tray. It seems to be attached and then comes off at the slightest touch. Have you any tips.

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