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My Little World was set up by two dads, Tim Frost and Richard Walkling. Tim is the illustrator of the brand and has worked on some of the biggest brands in children’s animation, including Peppa Pig, Hey Duggee, Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, and Moshi Monsters. With his simple, bold style, Tim creates appealing and instantly recognisable characters and settings. Dad to a boy and a girl, Tim is also a BAFTA juror.

Richard is an expert in building brands and businesses, and ‘making things’. He has designed, packaging, products, and promotional materials for some of the largest brands in the world, including Yankee Candle and Sony Playstation. Richard is dad to two girls.

So What is My Little World?

My Little World is simple cardboard craft which takes children aged four to nine on a journey of creativity, imagination and role-play. Each set comprises of 12 cards featuring stunning black and white illustrations of characters, buildings and extras, which can be coloured in or left in monochrome. Once the child has coloured in the elements using the included 12 pencils, they are cut out and stood up using the stands enclosed, and little ones can start to create their own imaginary worlds.

My Little World Fairy Village Review Family Clan

In a choice of themes available such as Village High Street, Emergency Services, Space Station Foxtrot, Christmas Time, Airport and Fairy Village there is so much adventure to be had.

I couldn’t wait for Grace to see the set we selected for review. We have chosen Fairy Village as she loves mythological creatures so this set sounded absolutely perfect for her as she does love to colour in and has a great imagination too.

It arrived very prompt and fit through the letter box.

My Little World Fairy Village Review Family Clan

Each character has a name and a short bio to help get the creativity flowing, and the elements are double sided with different emotions and expressions displayed on each side to increase the story possibilities.

My Little World Fairy Village Review Family Clan

With a huge nod to sustainability, everything other than the pencils and stands are manufactured in the UK using card from sustainable sources and are 100 percent recyclable.

The sets have also been designed to be gender neutral and fully inclusive for all children. The characters are fairly distributed between male and female in each set. For example, Captain Erica appears in the Airport set, while there are both ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ bears playing the roles of police officers in Emergency Services set.

Fairy Village

Included within this set are

  • Fairy Rabbits and Dogs
  • Unicorns
  • Elves
  • Mushroom Houses
  • Fairy Palace
  • Wizard’s Cottage
  • Fairy Disco
  • Trees
  • Bushes
  • Plus magical Scenery and Flowers

With such a great variety, we really wasn’t sure where to start!

Grace eventually decided she would start on the Mushroom House.

My Little World Fairy Village Review Family Clan

She liked that she could choose any colours that she liked, as it is a ‘magical village’ where all the colours can be crazy!

We did continue this over a few days, as she said she was tired after colouring a sheet or two.

My Little World Fairy Village Review Family Clan

As the colouring progressed her Fairy Village was beginning to take form.

My Little World Fairy Village Review Family Clan

With many different characters also included, we coloured and then cut out the characters and scenes as we went keeping them all in the box safe.

My Little World Fairy Village Review Family Clan

Fair to say Grace is really pleased with how this has turned out.

My Little World Fairy Village Review Family Clan

There has been hours spent creating this Fairy Village scene. I love how she is getting really good value for money within this set.

My Little World Fairy Village Review Family Clan

Our Thoughts

With everything included other than scissors, the £4.99 packs represent great value and better still, the play value is endless. Children can look for the hidden gems – birds, additional treats and cute added features in the scenes.

My Little World can be purchased online at My Little Worlds website

Mummy H & Grace

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5 Thoughts to “My Little World Fairy Village”

  1. Susan B

    I had seen these but not read a review so wasn’t sure what they were. They look good and I like that they encourage creativity.

  2. A S,Edinburgh

    That looks lovely, and so well thought-out. Thanks for the review :).

  3. debbieskerten

    Great fun and well done Grace. They look lovely.

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    These are so cute – great to keep the little ones entertained over the summer

  5. Laura Wheatley

    these look great and really reasonably priced too

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