GIVEAWAY: My Little Sudocrem – Skin Care Cream

My Little Sudocrem

My Little Sudocrem - Skin Care Cream Review Family Clan

Everyone who loves Sudocrem will know that for a very long time their products work on pretty much everything. From chaffing to sunburn, cuts to grazes – Sudocrem is simply the best cream to use to heal whatever it is that needs healing.

With its multi-purpose, highly-portable and effective uses, Sudocrem Skin Care has been likened to the ”Swiss army knife of skincare”. Sudocrem is loved by everyone from babies to teenagers, runners to cyclists and mountaineers to urban explorers and everyone in between.

Can you believe Sudocrem are celebrating their 87th birthday!

To honour this, Sudocrem Skin Care have decided to create this cute, dinky, super portable new product ”My Little Sudocrem”. As skincare products go, it doesn’t get more adorable than this.

I absolutely love everything to do with Sudocrem, especially that this has been personalised for me – its all mine.

Using it to soothe dry patchy skin, help to reduce redness and gently moisturising, help healing skin on-the-go, using it anywhere, anytime!

I was very excited when it arrived – very festive for this time of year.

This sweet pocket-sized 22g pot is only £2.99 – not bad for a multi-purpose cream.

My Thoughts.

I completely love everything about Sudocrem, and my friends know this. At my baby shower for Jensen I was given a huge bundle of Sudocrem! So when this product was arrived I fell in love.

Not only do I have Sudocrem but its my very own! Its great for those busy, busy mammy’s who suffer from dry skin like I do on my face.

I don’t usually use anything on my face, but in the winter months the skin on my face become very dry from the icy wind. Using Sudocrem religiously every morning and every night helps with this.

Using a small amount in my hand, I simply use it like any other moisturiser and rub my hands together before applying it to the whole of my face. Like always, I was very pleased with the result of my face after using this.

How lovely is this reindeer Christmas bauble?!

My Little Sudocrem - Skin Care Cream Review Family Clan

Another reason why I love this dinky Sudocrem product for is that it would make a lovely Christmas gift for those who love Sudocrem! It arrived in this beautiful silver box with a red ribbon. Inside, they used some lovely purple tissue paper displaying a very pretty Reindeer bauble and inside that was your very own dainty ”My Little Sudocrem” product.

My Little Sudocrem - Skin Care Cream Review Family Clan

I would highly extremely recommend Sudocrem product to everyone! The ‘My Little Sudocrem’ would make an excellent gift this Christmas for expectant parents, it is small enough to pop in my bag on the go to use all year round.

Mammy E


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133 Thoughts to “GIVEAWAY: My Little Sudocrem – Skin Care Cream”

  1. kelly wheelhouse

    I love it because I use it on my little boy all the time to help with nappy rash and it works absolute wonders!

  2. Geri Gregg

    I love sudocrem as it calms my young sons nappy rash, leaves him smelling nicely and feeling less grumpy!

  3. Rachel Frances

    OMG i love this

  4. Susie Wilkinson

    It’s so useful and versatile, we even use it on the dog!

  5. LeAnn Harbert

    I haven’t used it before but it sounds like it would be good to use for my grandkids.

  6. Kay Sherman

    We love how versatile it is we always have some in the house x

  7. Holly King

    It’s a brand I can trust and always does the trick and it comes in small little pots. Perfect for my changing bag for my little one

  8. Jackie L

    First discovered suncream almost 35 years ago and have always had a pot at hand since – that’s true love isn’t it ?

  9. laura stewart

    my mum used it on me and i use it on my daughter its brilliant x

  10. Amy Denney

    It works wonders. Amazing on nappy rash, grazes, cuts. I love this stuff. I call it magic cream to my little girl

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