My Fairy Garden – Fairy Light Garden

My Fairy Light Garden Review Family Clan

My Fairy Light Garden

Create your own magical Fairy Light Garden

With the My Fairy Light Garden you can make an enchanting fairy light garden that is sure to attract fairies to your home!

Grace is such a girly girl and when she saw this she was so excited to have fairies living in her house and knowing that she can make her own fairy garden for the fairies to live she was so excited.

Contents of the Fairy Light Garden box

My Fairy Light Garden Review Family Clan

Fairy garden bowl,
light-up musical fairy house
Raised growing bed
Raised decking with hedgehog house
Heather fairy figure
Elvie fairy figure
Unicorn foal figure
Hedgehog figure
Fairy mushroom
Fairy bridge with flowers
2 posts with cords & bunting sticker sheet
Grass seeds
Coloured gravel
Fairy dust
Fairy flowers
instructions booklet


Fairies love nature so they can be found wherever flowers and plants grown.

With this ultimate Fairy Garden playset, you can create your own magical fairy garden where Fairies Heather, Evie and their friends baby unicorn and hedgehog will love to live.

Creating our Fairy Light Garden

We started by adding the soil into the Fairy Garden Bowl and then added the fenced area into the compost with a sprinkling of more compost to raise this garden up a bit higher.

My Fairy Light Garden Review Family Clan

We then assembling the Fairy Light-up Musical House, very simple to do just by following the detailed instruction booklet.

Now the next bit was a bit more fiddly to make the bunting so I did this part. Using the post and cord I tied these to either end, then Grace folded over the bunting stickers to which we then placed in her garden.

My Fairy Light Garden Review Family Clan

We now added the raised decking onto our garden, placed the mushroom and using the multi-coloured gravel to add a super special fairy path. It is starting to look fantastic!

My Fairy Light Garden Review Family Clan

The next step was to add the grass seeds, Grace spread the seeds equally around the whole garden.

We now needed to position the Fairy House on the raised decking and hook the bridge onto the rim of the bowl.

To add the finishing touches, there are flowers supplied which you can place around your garden by simply slotting into the soil, Grace also placed one inside the fairies hands which I thought looked lovely.

My Fairy Light Garden Review Family Clan

Last but not least, use the fairy dust to sprinkle over the garden to add a little bit of fairy magic!
Grace didn’t just sprinkle, she said it was only magical if we blow it on. So we both had to do this together to make the magic happen.

1..2..3… blow!

My Fairy Light Garden Review Family Clan

The enchanted fairy mushroom home doubles as a night-light! Just blow on the magic candle to make it light up!

My Fairy Light Garden Review Family Clan

Our thoughts

The Fairy Light Garden has been so much fun for us both to create. It was lovely time we spent together making it and such a beautiful result. I would highly recommend this.

After just a couple of days our grass started to grow. You will need to keep on top of the grass as it grows as it does grow at some speed and length!

Mummy H & Grace

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5 Thoughts to “My Fairy Garden – Fairy Light Garden”

  1. Susie Wilkinson

    This is absolutely gorgeous, I love the fact it is a bit of a nightlight as well

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    A magical gift – already have one – might get another for my neice

  3. Ashleigh Allan

    Love this . Looks like a lot of fun

  4. Susan B

    Well done, Grace! It looks fab and the grass has grown beautifully.

  5. Kim Carberry

    Aww! What a lovely set. So cute x

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