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Mustard supplies family clan review

Your Desk is the place where your ideas are born, where the magic happens. A place you spend almost the same amount of time that you spend sleeping, a place you call home that becomes your extended home.

In fact you’ve probably spent more time staring at your screen than in to the eyes of those you love. You’ve probably eaten more lunches at your desk than at your dining table and let’s face it, your desk is an extension of you and If it isn’t, then it needs to be!

Cue Mustard, the desk police, the desk ambassadors of the world! Mustard are here to save your desk from the bleak, the mundane, the humdrum. To bring flavour, colour and a sense of belonging all neatly wrapped up in a fashion led package!

Mustard supplies family clan review

Does your loved one spend a lot of their time working at a desk? Then Mustard could be a perfect gift this Valentines day to bring their desk up to style with these fantastic products.

Mustard have many different ranges available so you will find something for everyone!

You can search for stationery or gifts by selecting Category or Collection. The wide range of collections available from Mustard are T-Rex, Cactus, Cats & Dogs, Fast Food, Lucky Cat, Marble, Rainbows & Unicorns, Retro, Tropical, Wild Dining and Froot.

My personal favourites are the Rainbow & Unicorn range as they are so bright and girly which suit me perfect although I’m sure I would find them in my daughters possession before I had a chance of having them to myself as she likes very similar items to myself!

We were sent a variety of products for us to review.

T-REX Range

The T-REX range offers a collection with some bite!

Mustard Stationary and Gifts T-Rex range highlighter review by Family Clan

Also from the T-REX range is this awesome Lunch Box with a giant T-REX on the front. The box has a two-side clip system keeping the lid very firmly into place and inside there are two compartments. What’s more this lunch box is also microwave save which is brilliant for when you make your own meals at home to take to work. The lunch box is also BPA free, which is great news if you are using it for children, it is a bit of peace of mind for yourself. The lunch box is also freezer and dishwasher safe. I really love this box, it is suitable for adults or children/ Grace loves the idea of a pink dinosaur and this would be great for Daddy J to take his meals I make for him to take to work the following day.

Mustard Stationary and Gifts Rainbow and Unicorn range review by Family Clan

The lunch box is priced at £10.

Other products to purchase within the T-REX range are a memo block, picture hanger, water bottle, sticky notes, book ends, clock, double wall mug, note book, pencil case and page markers.

The Cactus Range

The cactus inspired stationery is the perfect prickly collection to make that office desk look sharp!

Mustard supplies family clan review

The Cactus Desktop Organiser is such a clever little idea! It is a hollow cactus which can store your pens. The largest arm of the cactus is a magnet, which is great for scissors, paper clips etc. keeping your desk nice and neat.

I love this quirky idea and think it looks great on my computer desk. Priced at £13 this would make a great addition to any desk.
Also available in the Cactus range are pens, sticky notes, push pins, page markers cactus lamps and fairy lights.

The Marble Range

Setting the trend these Marble designs brings a touch of fashionable elegance to your desk.

Mustard supplies family clan review

These marble Sticky Notes are great to have to hand to write yourself any reminders. They feature a pastel pink design and there are 150 sticky notes with in this pack in four different sizes. Priced a £6.

Mustard supplies family clan review

Matching perfectly alongside with the sticky notes is this Memo Block. They are pastel pink palette of opulence for your desk. The Marble memo block includes 650 sheets and will look great on your desk or near the phone to take plenty of notes! Priced at £8.

Mustard Stationary and Gifts Rainbow and Unicorn range review by Family Clan

Also apart of the Marble range is these set of 3 Notebooks. Containing 40 pages within each book, the set includes 2x white and 1x black notebook with marble effect design on the covers of each, with blank pages within.

I love this range, it gives off a lovely sophisticated look and with such a variety, you have plenty to choose from.

Also available within the Marble range is mini pencil case, double wall mug, lunch box and larger notebook.

Lucky Cat Range

The Lucky Cat (Maneki-Neko) stationery range is an inspired range from Japan.

Mustard supplies family clan reviewThis Mini Pencil Case is definitely a different size than the usual size pencil case on the market and would fit about 4 to 6 pens within which to be fair is all you need at your desk! It is such a great design and even the zip has a Lucky Cat on for you to pull with a standard size pen or pencil fitting in easily there is also space either end to place perhaps a sharpener or rubber. The pencil case also has an elasticated band so you can easily hoop it around a book to bring with you on the go. Priced at £8.

Also available within the Lucky Cat range is wall clock, double wall mug, eraser toppers, fairy lights, highlighter in pink & lime, cat light, lunch box, magnets, notebook, pen pot in pink & green, sticky notes and water bottle.

Rainbow & Unicorns Range

The Rainbows and Unicorns inspired stationery brings some magical sparkles to your desk.

Mustard Stationary and Gifts Rainbow and Unicorn range review by Family Clan

These Rainbow Sticky Notes would look perfect on any desk to brighten it up. They can be placed flat or can even be stood up. The sticky notes look brilliant, by using all the colours of the rainbow you have a wide selection of sticky notes to choose. Priced at £6

They will be sure to brighten up any gloomy desk!

Also available within this range are lights, page markers, pencils, washi tape, book ends, clipit, led light, paperclip holder and pushpins.

Froot Range

These Mustard products would make an excellent choice to gift this Valentines Day, something that would be thoughtful and useful.

Mustard Stationary and Gifts Froot review by Family ClanMustard Stationary and Gifts Froot review by Family Clan

This Froot Infusing Bottle is available in watermelon or pineapple design. Simply add your fruit within the compartment in the middle, and then add your water and Voila! You have your very own home made fruity flavoured water in no time! The bottle features high standard BPA Free and the large capacity bottle that will hold 800ml/28oz. I love this idea, as I do myself find it hard to drink plain water, so knowing that I can create my own flavoured water, this is perfect! Priced at £15.

Also available in the Froot range is notebooks, pencils, shot glasses and sticky notes.

These Mustard products would make an excellent choice to gift this Valentines Day, something that would be thoughtful and useful.

So why not treat your loved one to a Mustard product that they could use daily whilst at work. You can see all of the Mustard ranges the whole on their website.

Mummy H

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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Perfect for a birthday GIRL next week – she’ll love the designs

  2. sweetie72

    These are so cool, my daughter would love the cat stationery

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    Loving the marble range – all so funky and fun – will make great presents

  4. Laureen Timms

    Loving the rainbows and unicorns collection

  5. Kevin Cannon

    Some cool stuff here – my wife loves the rainbox post-its and my son now wants a T-Rex lunchbox

  6. Susie Wilkinson

    I love the Rainbow and Unicorns collection, my favourite is the Rainbow Washi Tape!

  7. serenityyou

    Mustard have some really great stuff , don’t they? I love the rainbow sticky notes

  8. Ashleigh Allan

    Sounds great my daughter would love rainbows and unicorns

  9. Ashleigh Allan

    Sounds great my daughter would love rainbows and unicorns

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