Crochet Mum A Tea Cosy

Tea Cosy Fun!

Well I did it, I made a tea cosy for Mum, so chuffed took it down to hers & woohoo it fits!

Family Clan Blog Tea Cosy 2

It was really easy to make, if you can crochet you can make it, it uses the granny square technique without being a square.

Crochet a chain for as long as you need it, to fit your tea pot. Then as in a granny square you crochet 3 double crochet (DC) in 4th chain from needle, miss a chain then repeat until you get to the end of your chain.

Now instead of turning for the corners just chain three & make 3 stitches (DC) in the gap between first row.  just keep repeating this until your crochet is the right height for your tea pot.

Family Clan Blog Crochet Roses 3

Make two of these.  For the scalloped three of the edges, I just put five single crochet (SC) in evenly down the side, but don’t go into the gaps made as this will make it have big holes.  Scallop edge on the two longer sides & one of the shorter, leaving one edge clear.  I chose a contrasting colour, but making it in the same colour is fine too, especially if you are using a yarn that changes colour.

Sew up one inch in the side from the bottom, where your scallops meet your main colour.   This is to keep your tea cosy together on the pot.

Make a long chain for the tie chord, then do a single crochet for the length to give it some structure, I actually made it using the single crochet foundation stitch which combines both the rows. I made mine extra long so Mum could manage it, as she has arthritis in her hands sadly now.

I made a flower to adorn mine which you can find the pattern for here . But you can put on whatever you want or of course leave it plain. Mums tea pot is just a two cup, so is only small, but if you are making yours for a four or six tea pot you maybe able to add more flowers on.

Family Clan Blog Tea Cosy 1

Family Clan Blog Tea Cosy 3







I used a 4.5cm crochet hook

Double knit yarn – sorry it was just an old ball I had with no label.

Hope you like it as much as me, let me know if you make.

Nanna Jane



4 Thoughts to “Crochet Mum A Tea Cosy”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    So cute – Can’t say I’ve ever made a tea cosy – would be handy

  2. Jayne Townson

    That looks really good, perfect for any tea pot, you are so cleaver, I could never make one of these.

  3. martinaevansdesigns

    How perceptive of you! I too wish that I could crochet, but sadly I can’t. Maybe one day 🙂

  4. Maya Russell

    That’s really sweet. I wish I could crochet!!

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