Mummy E – Baby Shower!

This weekend at 36 weeks pregnant, my amazing best friends planned my baby shower – and they done AMAZING! We/I had the best day!

They know how much I love a good cup of tea and a slice of cake (as a treat!). So they organised my baby shower to take place at a local cafe for afternoon tea!baby shower

I was so surprised at all the effort that was put into my baby shower by my friends and staff, the room looked amazing! I was so overwhelmed at how beautiful it looked. All the effort and attention to detail that was added room too I am so lucky!

I’m so happy to have got to spend the afternoon with all my favourite people to celebrate baby Nemo.
baby shower

Best surprise of all was my AMAZING cake and cup cakes – of corse they had to be Finding Nemo themed and they tasted delicious!We enjoyed the afternoon with high tea which included various sandwiches, home made cheesecakes, various flavored scones and many other tasty and delicious sweet treats.

Baby Games.

We played some favorite and very popular baby shower games which included baby bingo and pin the dummy on the baby. Although I was no where near at pinning the dummy on the baby, I wasn’t as bad as my nanna. My nanna ended up in the complete wrong direction after even being placed the correct way, she ended up sticking it onto a unit that was next to the door – its safe to say everyone was giggling with laughter!

However Baby Bingo was great fun. I won! I even beat the bingo queen, Mummy H. Whoever won this game had to shout “My Waters Have Broken” Which I thought was a great thing to shout out, they’d of never of known if I was telling the truth!
baby shower It has been absolutely lovely day, and very special to have some girly time and ‘me time’ with the people who mean the world to me! I am very greatful for how much effort that was made for me to have a special day and fantastic baby shower, every one had done something in their own little ways and I think the mummies of the group loved being child free for a few hours.
After getting home from my baby shower Logan loved to see the cake and was super pleased to have a slice of something for Baby Nemo!

baby shower

After that lovely and busy weekend.
This morning we’ve had our health visitor come do a home visit. She seems nice! This was just to introduce herself, get some information from both myself and Daddy S and any family history needed pre-birth, 4 weeks and counting!

We all can’t wait now to meet you Baby Nemo

Mammy E

2 Thoughts to “Mummy E – Baby Shower!”

  1. A S,Edinburgh

    That looks and sounds like great fun; thank you for sharing it with us!

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Lovely week – 4 weeks will fly by ! So exciting to meet YOUR new arrival

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