Mummy E and Baby Jensen Update

Mummy E and Baby Jensen Update

Hey guys!.Mummy E and Baby Jensen Update May 2018 Family Clan

My first week alone with my boys has gone surprisingly well. Daddy S is back to work and on nights – so that’s me up alone on night duties, but lucky Logan is a really good sleeper and Jensen still only wakes once or twice.

I’m feeling really positive this time round after having a baby, Everything seems so different and I feel like I’m more in control. More control within myself. More control with getting everything sorted before leaving the house. More control in getting both boys cleaned, dressed and sorted in a reasonable time.

I’m getting myself into a lovely routine where I keep myself busy on a day to day basis and just try my best to be positive. Everyday it’s so nice to hear “how well I’m doing”  that “I’m a good mam” and “I’m looking really well”  These comments leave me feeling even more great about myself, knowing I weigh the lightest I have been in years! Even before two children. Yay go me.

I have the health visitor coming next week to come for a chat, after knowing I suffered with depression and anxiety after having Logan. She’s there to support me and make sure I’m in the right mind frame.

Jensen is doing well. Although he was a tiny 6lb 2.5 born, he’s now weighing in at 6lb.6oz and feeding really well, which is great news!

Mummy E

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3 Thoughts to “Mummy E and Baby Jensen Update”

  1. Ashleigh Allan

    Aw such a lovely photo. Big brother looks so proud

  2. Rosemary Tily

    Congratulations – a lovely family and so pleased you are feeling well. Such a helpful blog for other young mums and mums to be!

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    Gorgeous pic – look at all that hair ! – so glad all is well – amazing HOW yime flies by

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