Mummy E – 39 weeks

Hi all.

I can not believe I am only 6 days away from my due date – it has gone so fast! My local hospital has informed me that they’ll only let me go over my due date by one week, meaning baby Nemo may well be here before the end of next week! super exciting!

I’v began “nesting” theses past few days, super cleaning before baby comes! Driving Daddy S crazy with it but he does what he’s told!!! To be fair it is normally the other way round, him telling me to get my butt into action and clean so it’s nice being the “boss”.

Baby Nemo’s pushchair and car seat is up, washed, cleaned and freshened ready for the arrival. Now all we need is a Baby Nemo to put in.

Finally finished our hospital suitcase, everything is packed nicely ready to grab when the time comes. Logan’s overnight bag is also packed and ready to grab for his big adventure of stopping at his grandparents (if all goes well).
Me and Daddy S can’t wait to see his face once he sees his baby.

My most recent midwife appointment went well and baby still has a lovely healthy heartbeat and measuring fine.

Baby is still not co-operating and still ‘back to back’ with a slight twist, hoping Nemo turns the right way this last week! Babies head is engaged, not fully – but it’s a start so that’s good!

I’ve been advised by my lovely midwife to start sitting more forward or lean on a chair, she said it doesn’t guarantee it will work for baby to turn but it may help baby move into the correct position using gravity.

Normally my midwife will see me every two weeks so she put me in for 16th May which would make me 40 +3days, for my own peace of mind I asked her if there was any chance she could see my this week again just to make sure everything is okay and baby Nemo has turned.

Today with the weather being so nice we have had a day at the beach, probably our last day out as a family of three!

I would just like to say thank you for keep reading my pregnancy update. We’re nearly done but I for sure will definitely keep you updated once baby is here and how baby is doing!

Much love,
Mammy E

One Thought to “Mummy E – 39 weeks”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    So exciting for you all
    Next beach day you will be four

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