Mummy E – 37 weeks

So I think it has just started to sink in how many days I have left. Counting into the teens now which shocked me, these last flew months have flown!

This week I had a follow up appointment at the hospital, this follow up appointment was all because my BMI at the beginning of this pregnancy was 0.5 above a normal BMI.

I had to go for a glucose test a few weeks ago where I had to have two lots of bloods taken, one before having a sugary drink and one after to see how my body reacts to the sugar of the drink. Thankfully the test came back fine! So this appointment was just a quick check up regarding that and also to see how my blood pressure was which is still perfect and to see if I had any questions.

Baby Nemo is still growing lovely! They have no concerns about me nor the baby so it’s just a waiting game to see when the arrival date is. I found out that baby is now ‘back to back’ which means Baby Nemo is back to back with me which could mean more back pain, which I’m definitely feeling. Last night I couldn’t even walk, so Daddy S took Logan out to soft play for a couple of hours to give me some ‘me time.’

Logan loves our weekly count down, he gets super excited every week to write on it.

Mummy E 37 weeks
Mummy E

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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Look at that smiling face – great way to keep all the family involved

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