Mummy E – 36 week

Now the countdown begins.  A little under FOUR weeks (hopefully), we will become a family of FOUR! Like wow!
Although this pregnancy hasn’t been the best, we’re all now super excited for our new baby to arrive. Like always Logan has took it in his stride (hoping it’ll stay like this) but we know he’ll be the BEST-est big brother he can be.
We asked Logan the other day what he would like his little baby to bring him when its time for the arrival. His reply had us all shocked, he asked for a ‘Christmas bell!’ This will be something interesting to find this April! We explained that only Santa has a magic Christmas bell and he said “I would like a Christmas bell because it’s Baby Nemo’s first Christmas’ and he wants Santa to make it special and magic.
Logan is such a character, he’s so funny.
Me and Daddy S went to the midwives yesterday. Baby Nemo was showing off of course! She measured bump – which is still measuring perfectly.  She had a feel of my tummy, again baby Nemo was not impressed and kept pushing her hands away telling her to “get off.” We got to listen to its heartbeat – as soon as she put the Doppler to my tummy in her words “she found a very strong and health heartbeat”
All the loveliness aside.
Iv started to get some discomfort in my lower parts. When I told my midwife but she reassured me that it’s just baby getting comfortable and in position ready to be welcomed in the world, although that’s all lovely that baby is getting in position, nothing seems to take the pains away, and Logan’s trying his best to help me and look after me – he’s amazing!

Have an amazing day!
Mummy E

2 Thoughts to “Mummy E – 36 week”

  1. Ashleigh Allan

    Haha kids always ask for things that make it difficult for us parents

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Seems to have gone so fast – sure LOGAN will be the BEST- est big bro ever
    So excited for you all x

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