Mummy E – 32 Weeks

Hi all. Me again.

Just a little update. I have been to see the midwife this week for a standard appointment. Bump is measuring perfect at 32 weeks and apparently Baby Nemo is weighing roughly around 4lbs 14oz. Baby was being a little monkey and wouldn’t let a student Midwife find it’s heartbeat, but once we found it it was perfect, lovely and very strong!

My midwife felt around to see which way Baby Nemo was. She told me head is down and it’s bum is right at the top, sticking out (just like the way big brother Logan likes to sleep!) and Nemo kept pushing her hand away!

Back to the midwife in two weeks time to see how we are progressing!

Mummy E

One Thought to “Mummy E – 32 Weeks”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Little monkey !!!! Before you know it NEMO will be here – glad all is well

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