REVIEW: Mother’s Worry by Jeff Alphin and Jane Brettschneider

Mother's Worry Jeff Alphin & Jane Brettschneider

I finished reading Mother’s Worry by Jeff Alphin & Jane Brettschneider, which I was lucky enough to through a competition, I got a authors signed copy. It’s a great book that goes from Paris to Baltimore to Vegas.  I really enjoyed it as a quick page turning book.

The main characters are Adlai & his Mother Jackie, Bill & William, James & Francine, with the story of love lost, jail time & a frantic search through the streets of Vegas & Paris.  Though some parts are stretching the coincidences I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It really did make me laugh out loud.

Jackie Dallas had brought up her son Adlai on her own since she and her husband, Wallace divorced many years ago. As Adlai got older, Jackie noticed her son was always up for a ‘quick and easy’ way around things. More than a decade after Adlai got kicked out of University, he was constantly getting into the ‘get rich quick’ schemes, no matter how shady they appeared to him. Jackie was getting fed up with him and his schemes. Jackie’s boyfriend, Monty never warmed up to her son and she began to back away from the relationship.

Russ Mitchel decided to take a break and backpack across Europe, so he checked Craiglist and hired Adlai to housesit his apartment. What Russ didn’t do was check Adlai’s references and hired him on sight alone. Little did he know what his home would be used for. When Russ was in Paris he had met two Scotsmen, William and his Uncle Bill and they struck up a conversation. As they parted Russ gave them his address to crash there as they were on their way Baltimore and Russ wouldn’t be back for three more weeks.

Adlai’s latest scheme was to give his mother a Mother’s Day gift that he figured may or may not work out. But Jackie took the gift at face value and realized a nice trip away would be good and hoped her son’s gift was on the up & up.

Every decision made by each of these unsuspecting people would somehow turn out to be tied together in a very convoluted series of events.

A fast-paced story of how the choices each of us make on any give day will always turn out, one way or another, to touch many other lives

It has 387 pages & was published in November 2013 by Risky BBQ.

Mother's Worry Jeff Alphin & Jane Brettschneider2

Nanna Jane

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