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Our friends at Milton have given us another lovely giveaway for you to win.

With the cold and flu season upon us you can’t be too careful.  Too help you out Milton have kindly given us:

1 x Milton Antibacterial Hand Gel

1 x Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes

1 x Milton Antibacterial Surface Spray

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Ends Midnight Sunday 27th January 2019

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144 Thoughts to “Milton Bundle Giveaway”

  1. Kim M

    I wipe doorhandles, light switches and phones with antibacterial wipes in the cold season

  2. Alice Gilkes

    I always keep antibacterial hand gel on me wherever I go. I always like to use antibacterial wipes in the home.

  3. unconditionalparentingspectrum

    I use antibac wipes and antibac dishwash, and I change dish towels very often.

  4. Lindsay Robson

    Always wash tea towels and dish cloths daily

  5. Georgina Prince

    washing tea towels more often and changing dish sponges regularly x

  6. Stef Acaster

    Sanitise cleaning cloths nightly

  7. zoe brown

    wipes but seems not to have worked had awful cold

  8. Samantha McDonough

    Clean often rather than let dirt build up.

  9. rose howie

    Antibacterial wipes and hand gel are necessities for me!

  10. Sam Parkes

    Antibacterial wipes for cleaning over surfaces quickly

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