GIVEAWAY: Milton Antibacterial Bundle 2 Winners

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Milton Antibacterial Bundle Two Winners

Milton is a brand that here at Family Clan trust and use regularly to clean and protect around our homes. We are coming in to cold and flu season so we are taking even more protection to keep our loved ones safe.

Wipe down regular used surfaces with Milton Surface Wipes to help prevent spread of germs. Places like door handles, stair banisters and even remote controls should be kept clean as they can easily pass on the cold and flu germs to all your family.

Milton have kindly offered us two bundles to give away to help you out this winter.


Each will bundle consists of:-

1 x Milton Antibacterial Hand Gel

1 x Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes

1 x Milton Antibacterial Surface Spray

1 x Milton Bottle Cleaner

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Mandatory question is “Give us your tips for keeping your house clutter free over the Christmas Season”

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Nanna Jane


149 Thoughts to “GIVEAWAY: Milton Antibacterial Bundle 2 Winners”

  1. Kay Sherman

    We have a huge clean before Christmas

  2. Susie Wilkinson

    Don’t let anyone get lazy and not put things away when they’ve finished with them, adult or child!

  3. Sofiane F

    Charity old toys and Christmas decorations to make space for new ones

  4. Kim M

    We’ve had a pre Xmas clear up – a lot of stuff has gone in the attic so after Xmas we’ll bring it down again x

  5. Candyfloss

    We have a clearout before Christmas to make way for new stuff. Over the Christmas period, I don’t worry about mess – it’s part of the fun!

  6. melanie stirling

    Have a black bag at the ready and throw away the rubbish as presents are opened and crackers are pulled etc.

  7. Joo Dee

    keep on top of it, and put everything away

  8. hannahlig

    Do a little bit each day to keep it tidy

  9. clair downham

    move and tidy up as you go a lot easier in the long run

  10. Sarah-Jane Carter

    Have a clear out of toys and things that are not used anymore and take them to the charity shoos xx

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