GIVEAWAY: Milton Antibacterial Bundle 2 Winners

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Milton Antibacterial Bundle Two Winners

Milton is a brand that here at Family Clan trust and use regularly to clean and protect around our homes. We are coming in to cold and flu season so we are taking even more protection to keep our loved ones safe.

Wipe down regular used surfaces with Milton Surface Wipes to help prevent spread of germs. Places like door handles, stair banisters and even remote controls should be kept clean as they can easily pass on the cold and flu germs to all your family.

Milton have kindly offered us two bundles to give away to help you out this winter.


Each will bundle consists of:-

1 x Milton Antibacterial Hand Gel

1 x Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes

1 x Milton Antibacterial Surface Spray

1 x Milton Bottle Cleaner

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Mandatory question is “Give us your tips for keeping your house clutter free over the Christmas Season”

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Nanna Jane


149 Thoughts to “GIVEAWAY: Milton Antibacterial Bundle 2 Winners”

  1. Amanda W

    I always clear out the kids toys ready for the new ones arriving! Also as soon as the presents are opened I ship them to their new homes before he kids get chance to give them residence in the wrong place! Haha

  2. Karen Scott

    I have massive sort out just before Chirstmas then once pressies opened straight to rooms and packed away and can then play them from there. Only thing I let them keep is stocking to go through bits and pieces during the day. Also clearing rubbish as you go.

  3. Tracey 1

    Put a list of what is recyclable on display in the kitchen so everybody knows what can be recycled and tell everyone where to put it. If teenagers have messy rooms, just close the door, don’t say anything and leave it- this works brilliantly as the older ones now clean and polish their rooms without being asked once they realise they have lost things, their room smells and had no clean clothes! Use large wicker baskets in rooms for smaller children to put away their things in to and make a game of it: can you complete it before the timer pings. Have a recycling clutter day where anything not used/played with etc. goes to the charity shop and always have a bag on the go for donations ready to take.

  4. sharon martin

    packaging & paper straight out to the recycling for one. also we give the kids a large box each so they have somewhere to keep their gift in one place too over xmas

  5. Christine Hobbs

    Keep on top of things and have plenty of bins about. Visitors see a bin and use it otherwise they leave it for the rubbish fairy. Also keep the recycle bins obvious and accessible if visitors see that you are serious about ‘doing your bit’ they are happy to offer assistance.We are all human ask for help show visitors where the cloths and spray is.

  6. Michelle Ferguson

    Our house is alwAys full of clutter at Christmas but don’t worry about it and just enjoy the festivities

  7. sarah morris

    Let my husband tidy up , I think he thinks we have a maid the rest of the year lol

  8. Lindsay Robson

    Have a bin bag ready for all the wrapping paper and get the kids to recycle boxes and cardboard as soon as presents are opened.

  9. Jean Vaughan

    As the paper was taken off gifts I folded and patted flat. When finished all paper went into a plastic tub and out to the garage. Toy packaging went straight out to the bins and recycling. Surprisingly this made a massive difference to the room but didn’t detract from the fun of the parcels.

  10. sarah robertson

    I have a husband who loves tidying up. As soon as we unwrap presents he gathers the paper to recycle.

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