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Miffy’s Adventures

We have watched a few episodes together of Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small which are shown on the Tiny Pop TV channel. Grace and Jake loved it and sat all the way through them without moving, which at ages 2 and 5 is miraculous!


Miffy's Adventures Big and Small Umbrella

The first episode we watched was Miffy’s Umbrella, she had her colourful umbrella rotating it round looking at the colours red, blue and yellow. She took it everywhere, although it wasn’t raining, it was still very useful. She helped collect apples from the apple tree by having them in her open umbrella for faster way of transportation, helped Snuffy collect their stick and also she used the umbrella to balance. Miffy started feeling sad that no one thought her umbrella was any use, until is started raining!  Jake was fascinated at using her umbrella for different uses.

Miffy's Adventures Big and Small at the Beach

Second episode that we watched was Miffy at the Beach, when Miffy, Melanie and her mum went to the beach. Miffy tries to make a sandcastles on the beach, not knowing that using dry sand will not keep the castle up, so it keeps falling apart.  Miffy was sad that Melanies sandcastles is much better and stayed up so Miffy decides to collect shells in her bucket instead. Miffy finds many different shaped shells and then picks up 1 shell and underneath surprisingly finds a crab!

She comes back to Melanie who explains to Miffy that she needs wet sand to make sandcastles that stay up. So they both work together on Melanie’s castle with adding the collected shells onto it to make it look better and they decide to name it ‘Melanie and Miffy’s Castle’
When they go back to Miffy mum. they find that she has made a sandcastle and the crab runs into it!Sensory Miffy Miffy's Adventures

We love these episodes and I am looking forward to watching more with Jake and Grace.
Very simply, but well presented, the characters are English which is good to have as a lot of cartoons are more American or Japanese that they like to watch.

The times the episodes are shown are 7.30am and 7pm on Tiny Pop channel and there is also a Tiny Pop +1 so you could always catch up an hour later!


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  1. Martina Evans

    My little ones love watching Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small too! It really is a lovely show 🙂

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