Micro Motorz – on your marks, get set, GO!

Micro Motorz The Ultimate Unboxing Collectable Vehicles Are Here!

On Your Marks, Get Set, Go, Go, Go!

With Micro Motorz you can unlock the six surprises to reveal a sweet new ride, they are the hottest new collectable vehicle series perfect for little boy racers.

Is your child ready to race and create an awesome collection? Then Micro Motorz is perfect for them.

Jake was really excited to receive these to review, every boy loves cars right!

First open the blind bag to reveal a cool sticker which alludes to the team you are about to reveal, then it’s onto the three surprise chambers.

Twist and snap off the first chamber and you’ll find a new tool which works with your car along with a leaflet all about the Micro Motorz collection so with this leaflet you can identify which sticker you have and see what car you may reveal!

Open chamber two to unwrap a cool tuning accessory, maybe it’s a new engine or perhaps a new spoiler to add some downforce.

Last but not least, we opened the third larger chamber.

You’ll find out what vehicle you’ve got to add to your collection as well as an awesome display capsule which clicks together with the other Micro Motorz. This capsule will also act as a launcher to send your car speeding away.

More about Micro Motorz

By inserting blue piece inside you can now send your vehicle speeding down your chosen race track by pushing the car back and securing into place.

Press the launch at the back to watch your car zoom.

Finished playing? Then why not insert the additional piece inside which allows you to keep your car inside without moving by securing at the bottom. Perfect for keeping your Micro Motorz on display.

There are over 20 different Micro Motorz to collect in the first series including six Nitro Chargerz – these racers pack some serious punch with their powerful engines and are perfect for drag races – there are three regular Nitro Chargerz and three rare ones to collect.

Speed Demonz, complete with their interchangeable spoilers are made for the race track, launch them speeding off and watch them drift around bends. Collect all six with three rare and three regular rides.

Nothing turns heads quite like the Hot Rodz, their garish colours and wild interchangeable air scoops make these racers a must-have, take on the playground and launch your Hot Rodz down the track – there are three regular and three rare Hot Rodz to collect.

Finally – move out of the way for the ultra-rare, Monster Treadz – these rugged monster trucks will crush their opponents as they roar down the streets. They even include slick gold engines which complete their fierce look.

Excited? So was we!

Here is an example of the spoiler we received with one of our cars.

Simple take the back off, and slot your spoiler into place.

You will have upgraded your car in no time.

Our thoughts

Jake has loved these, he now has them displayed in his bedroom and ready to go when he wants to play again! I like that each container can stack on top of each other securely too keeping your collection looking cool.

Micro Motorz are available from all good supermarkets and toy retailers and can also be found on Amazon , best suited for children 3+ due to small parts.Micro Motorz Review by Family Clan

Mummy H and Jake


3 Thoughts to “Micro Motorz – on your marks, get set, GO!”

  1. A S,Edinburgh

    These look like great fun! I like the stationary storage feature, that’s a really good idea.

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    These are brill – not heard of them before – sure they’ll be a big hit with the boys

  3. Susan B

    How lovely! The children always love all transport-related toys.

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