Men-ü Grooming Essentials Selection Box & Bag

Men-u Grooming Essentials Selection Box Review Family Clan

Men-ü Grooming Essentials Selection Box

Men-ü are a brand that the males in the Family Clan households know well. The Men-ü grooming essentials are used by more than one member. Grand Dad Al especially loves their shower gel, in black pepper and bergamot. He loves the smell and how it wakes him up with a zing in the morning.

The products fit neatly in the hand and into a man’s lifestyle, bathroom, sports or travel bag. And to top it all they are a British firm.

We was sent this grooming essentials selection box to review along with a striped toiletry bag. The Men-ü Grooming Essentials Selection Box consists of one full size black pepper and bergamot shower gel 100mls. along with 15mls of Shave Créme, Facial Moisturiser Lift, Healthy Facial Wash, Matt Moisturiser, Matt ‘Skin Refresh’ Gel, 3 Minute D-Tox and Liquifflex.

Men-u Grooming Essentials Selection Box Review Family Clan

Let me tell you about them a little more.

  • Black Pepper and Bergamot

    Ultra concentrated shower gel – If showering is your main hygiene and personal care regime for the body, why would you not want this to be and efficacious and enjoyable experience? Men-ü ultra concentrated shower gels have a high percentage of active ingredients so a little goes a long way. Unlike most cheap shower gels, Men-ü doesn’t disappear through your fingers. It creates a rich lather for the height of clean and has added moisturisers to help prevent the skin from drying. Includes Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E. This spicy and fruity blend of black pepper and bergamot citrus combine to invigorate and keep you fresher for longer.

  • Shave Créme

    Up to 20 shaves – A great close shave, slip and smooth ride for your razor blade means less resistance, less nicks, and a longer lasting blade. Includes tea tree oil which helps overcome spots and shaving rash.

  • Facial Moisturiser Lift 

    Up to 20 applications – After shave balm and moisturiser combined. Now you can have a great facial after every shave. Not only a non-greasy moisturiser but has mint ad menthol to cool, refresh and help relieve redness. Skin is left talcum powder soft.

  • Healthy Facial Wash 

    Up to 30 washes – Deep cleansing, soap free, pH balanced with high concentration of tea tree oil which helps protect from spots and shaving rash. Also includes witch hazel for it soothing and astringent [properties

  • Matt Moisturiser 

    Up to 15 applications – An oil and fragrance free moisturiser with sebum absorbents that help combat areas of greasy skin, especially around the T-zone. The absorbents kick in to ensure a matt finish whilst the moisturiser is readily absorbed.

  • Matt ‘Skin Refresher’ Gel 

    Up to 15 applications – An anti-shine and fragrance free toner gel. Contains natural salicylic acid and witch hazel that leaves your visual frontline looking better for longer. For normal, combination and oily skin. Removes and controls excess oil that contributes to blocked pores and break outs.

  • 3 Minute D-Tox 

    Up to 6 applications – Fast drying, deep cleansing and absorbent mask with kaolin clay, witch hazel and zinc oxide. Removes excess oil, dead skin cells, impurities and blockages leaving skin clean, dry, smooth, firm, and fresh. Good for normal, combination and oily skin.

  • Liquifflex 

    Liquefies easily and disperses evenly throughout the hair. Hand are left dry to the touch. Great flexi-hold and suitable for all hair types and styles. Practically weightless and thickens hair, so great for extra body and volume.


Men-u Grooming Essentials Selection Box Review Family Clan

We also received a striped toiletry bag to keep all of our Men-ü grooming essentials in. It is a great size to use for a weekend away with all your grooming essential needs. It is red, white and blue striped. There is a divider making it easy to sort out your products, with a long zipper across the top.

You can purchase all of your Men-ü grooming essentials from their website.

We have reviewed different Men-ü products in the past.

Nanna Jane and Grand Dad Al

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5 Thoughts to “Men-ü Grooming Essentials Selection Box & Bag”

  1. cyril rowlands

    Love this set

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Love Men-U products as do the people I buy them for – can certainly recommend to all

  3. Sharon Freemantle

    This is something I could get for hubby’s Birthday

  4. Susan B

    What a lovely set. It’s good to see men taking grooming seriously and enjoying it, too.

  5. ashleigh allan

    This looks great – I always find men harder to buy for!

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